Gwen Jordan,Tennessee to Lorraine Tennant, Belfast

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Document ID 303020
Date 01-02-2003
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Gwen Jordan,Tennessee to Lorraine Tennant, Belfast;Donated by MS Gwen Jordan; CMSIED 303020
Lorraine Tennant                                       February
1, 2003
4 The Mount
Albertbridge Rd.

         Hi Lorraine:
   I rec'd your e-mail and the documents and want to Thank you
much. The only one that may be Francis would be the first doc
where a
Michael is looking for his brother.  As you will see from the
docs I'm
sending you my Francis married in 1852 and  I remember my Uncle
saying he probably immigrated around 1845.  I know he had to be
in the
States by 1850 in order for him to be a citizen in 1853. (Note:
Many of
our records here have the name Gallagher truly messed up. (Its a

shame the many different ways the clerks spelled it in those

Since Francis is so common I realize the difficulty in searching
his birth
town. That's why I feel that jumping to his Uncles and one a
ones I mentioned in my e-mail, Patrick B, abt [about?] 1794,John
B, 1787
& James B, abt [about?] 1789.There's a marriage record somewhere
Pettigo for James Gallagher and Nancy Ann Carr,and another for
Patrick and
Catherine Leonard, both of which took place in Donegal Co. James
no children in Ireland but Patrick did have several and perhaps
a record
somewhere will show Francis on it.

Two docs are for Naturalization,and the one is badly marked up
that's the way my Uncle gave it to me years ago as he got it
from his
Father, who was my Grandfather. The handwritten doc is what my
daughter and I found in a courthouse attic in a court ledger and
it shows
a James and Francis. (This James is not the one mentioned above
for he
became a citizen in 1823).  My Mother always swore that her
Grandfather, Francis was a twin and when I found this doc I
believe she was correct that's why I asked you earlier if any
kinds of
records were ever kept for families that had twins.  My own
carried twins for almost 5 months but lost them,and no twins are
in any
families of her husband etc.,so conclusions sure can be drawn I
Hope these help you and if you find anything else that may be a
help  to
me please contact me at;               Ms.Gwen Jordan
                                        P.O.Box 307 White Oak

e-mail Gwen                      Townsend,TN 37882

From one Irishwoman to another, May God Bless You And Keep you

Gwen Jordan

Transcribed by Jim Buchanan