Petition of Widow Tomalty for Assisted Passage for Daughters

		To Evelyn J. Shirley Esq [Esquire?]
& & &
Lough Fea Castle

To Evelyn J. Shirley Esq [Esquire?] & & &

The Petition Of Widow Tomalty Tormaneave [Tonaneeve?]

Humbly Sheweth
              That your Petitioner held a farm of
land in Tormaneave and lived very comfortable on it.
That she gave it to her son when he got married except
a field containing an acre and half which she reserved
for herself.  That she was noticed to quit some time ago,
and gave up the peaceable and quiet possession of it
to the Bailiff who promised her the crop as her rent
was then paid.  That your Petitioner is now without
cabbin [cabin?], crop or penny or even bed clothes, will never
go to the Workhouse or become a burthen [burden?] to society,
has two daughters who are anxious to emigrate to
America.  That she humbly hopes your Honor [Honour?] will
allow her the crop for her own support and
send her two daughters to America
     And Petitioner will ever