R. Campbell, U.S.A. to W. J. C. Allen, Belfast.

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Document ID 9801327
Date 12-12-1863
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation R. Campbell, U.S.A. to W. J. C. Allen, Belfast.; PRONI D 1558/1/1; CMSIED 9801327
                      Augusta Ga [Georgia?] 12th December
Wm. Jno. [William?] [John?] C. Allen Esq
Ulster Bank Belfast Ireland
                  My Dear Sir
                             I had great pleasure in
receiving in August in Habersham County your esteemed favour
of the 3d of July and one from your Uncle & Cousin James
& William Campbell on the 4th of July - I reached this place
from my summer residence on the 4th instant - At the usual
time in October and November last the Geo [Georgia?] R Road
[Railroad?] & Bg [Banking?] Co. declared a Divivend the 44th
of Ten Dollars p [per?] Share - and the Bank of Augusta Six
Dollars p [per?] share to their Stockholders -
 On the 7th instant I received three dividends on the following
Stocks in Confederate Treasury Notes, which indeed is the
only currency in use, except Charge Bills of the Bks [Banks?]
& other institutions expressly payable in those notes -

  Wm. Jno. C. Allen 22 Shs [Shares?] GRR &B Co.
     [Georgia Railroad & Banking Co.?] ea [each?] 10 = $220.00
  James Campbell 17 [each?]                            $170.00
  Wm.Campbell     8 [each?]                            $ 80.00

 Bk.[Bank?] of Auga [Augusta?]
                          120 Shs [Shares?]$720.00. =  $940.00
     [Bank of Augusta?] 100 [Shares?]      $600.00  =  $770.00
     [Bank of Augusta?]  42 [Shares?]      $252.00. =  $332.00
                                         $1.572.00   $2.042.00

 I have renewed the insurance to the 15th April on the 68
Bales of Cotton in the Aug [Augusta?] Ins [Insurance?] & Bg
[Banking?] Co. though the current sales of cotton are at about
80 cents p [per?] lb. Stlg [Sterling?] Exge [Exchange?] from
20c23 [20 to 23?] for one and Gold about the same.  The
following are the prices whh [which?] I paid on the 4th inst.
for beginning housekeeping herre Corn meal 5$ p [per?]
bushel oak wood 35$ a cord Coffee 10$ p [per?] lb. Tea 12$ p
[per?] lb. Sugar Brown 3$ p [per?]lb. Flour 70 $ Busl [Bushel?]
Salt 60 c [cents?] p [per?] lb. Sweet potatoes are 5$ p [per?]
Bushel - Pr [Price?] same im Mkt [Market?] Beef 1$ p [per?]
lb. in Market.  Turkies [Turkeys?] 10$ each & upwards - I will
endeavour to send you a paper cuts [cuttings?] the Governors
Message to the General Assembly which will give you a better
idea of the situation of the State than anything I could write.
  I thank you for your information about the McVea's for I have
recd [received?] no letters from themselves.  Unless their
situation makes it necessary, you may stop the allowance to
but continue to Miss Carroll.  Her Brothers and Sister are well,
& in an undisturbed & plentiful part of the State - All your
friends here are in usual health - Mr & Mrs Bones perhaps
rather better. Mrs Campbell sends very affectionate regards
to you and Mrs Allen - Make my kind regards to your Uncle
[--?] and family and believe me most Truly Yours
                R. [Robert?] Campbell.