Details of the Ship Eliza Morrison.

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Document ID 9706289
Date 01-01-1917
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping News)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Details of the Ship Eliza Morrison.; PRONI D 2015/1/26; CMSIED 9706289
Eliza Morrison 9/11/59. Reports that the ship Eliza Morrison
(Penny) abandoned off Cape Clear 11/11/59 reports that the
American ship Moses Taylor rescued the crew & passrs.
[passengers?] off the water logged wreck of the Eliza
Morrison and landed at Liverpool. The E.M. [Eliza Morrison?]
was then owned by Thos. [Thomas?] Carey of Carrickfergus & was
732 tons 14/11/59 Brig Sutcliff reports (Miramichi for Cork)
passing the E.M. [Eliza Morrison?] 51 N 14.41 W. on 4th Nov.
burnt from main mast aft. f & M [fore and Main?] masts standing
a white boat lashed bottom up on her deck. All sails torn to