James P. Breeze, Concord, to Charley Breeze.

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Document ID 8906036
Date 08-09-1886
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation James P. Breeze, Concord, to Charley Breeze.; PRONI T 1381/9; CMSIED 8906036
                             San Miguel
                              8/9/86 [1886?]
Dear Charley
        I think it
very strange that neither
Mary nor I gets any word
from home.  I have wrote till
you twice now and this will be the third
time & I have never got any answer. Also
I wrote one to Martha & I
never got any answer either
If you dont want to write
tell me so.  I hope these
few lines will find you
all enjoying good health.  As
this leaves all here well at
present.  Uncle has give up
business with his partner
I dont know yet weather [whether?] he
will commence business for
himself again or not. He might
come & live on the ranch.
        His gold mine in
Placer county has turned
out well with him this last
4 or 5 month I hope it will
pay him well.  Mrs Breeze
& they family is back east
in New York State.  Willie
is at College there.  I
never saw them since I came
out here I have been past the
house several times
How are you all getting along
I hope you had good crops
this year.  Have you always
got the horse yet, & how are
you doing with him, I hope
you had better success this
year with the cattle that you
had last.  How is Tommy
getting along I hope he is
keeping strong.  I have little
more to say at present,  Hoping
to here [hear?] from you & Martha soon.
Remember me to Father & Mother
& all they [the?] rest, Also to John
& Bessie.
        I am
   ever your
           Brother James P. Breeze
all well
write soon

James P. Breeze
Contra Costa Co [County?]
Cal [California?]