W. Hamilton, Trory to Joseph Godber, Tully, Co. Fermanagh.

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Document ID 9404147
Date 04-01-1841
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation W. Hamilton, Trory to Joseph Godber, Tully, Co. Fermanagh.; PRONI T 1636; CMSIED 9404147
Joseph Godber Esq
[?] Florence Court
Jany 4 1841

My dear Friend,
              I long to hear from you, to know about Sam - where he
is settled, & what he is doing in America; & please to tell me all
about Jane & her little ones, I hope she is at your fireside, I have
had a letter from my William lately, he is well & has a large family,
in great worldly prospects, in India; & a newspaper from that place
shows me that he is high in the esteem of the nobility & gentry of the
country, that he has become very popular, & has acquired great influence
among them.  He has found a fine insurance company, & is chosen by the
subscribers as manager of the business - the first thing of the kind
in all Bengal, & which will be very lucrative.  He says if his little son
John was there with the regiment he would purchase a commission for him.
He spoke a little more about religion this time than he used to do; & maybe
God may make him a new man, & save his soul, which will be best of all.  I
have not heard from the other boys this half year.  I see Mary Ann
frequently, she is very well & has a fine daughter; & she attends preaching
in the town, her husband is a quiet lump of clay, but is in no haste to be
religious; & would be ready to say like
Mary "What have I done?", but I see in Matt XXV three classes all sent to
hell, & not charged with doing any harm, as you will see at the last verses.

I beg of Ann to write me when you get this,  Does Joseph meet in class?
I know no help like it, & the devil hates it very much, I am glad I was
ever brought into it my love to your preacher, does he go to [Moniorgan?]
now?, out of which place he has a good preacher long ago, Andrew Blair;
& there might be some good in it yet, Remember me to [Serfe?] & all
the girls, when you see them, & their good mother.  May the Lord bless you
all, Amen.
                  Your affectionate friend
                       W Hamilton