Schooner Eagle, St Johns to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 8810099
Date 10-04-1824
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Schooner Eagle, St Johns to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 8810099
REPORT OR MANIFEST of all the Passengers taken on board the
Schr [Schooner?] Eagle whereof Thomas Holmes is Master,
from St John's burthen 64 Tons and owned by Strange &
[Pangburne?] of St John's and bound to Philadelphia.

Names            Age Sex    Occupation To         Country of
                                       What       Which it
                                       Country    Is Their
                                       Belonging  Intention
                                                  To become

William Patchil   40 Male   Farmer     Ireland    U.S.A.
Jane Patchil      42 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
John Patchil      20 Male   Farmer     Ireland    U.S.A.
Elizabeth Patchil 18 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Jane Patchil      16 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
William Patchil   12 Male              Ireland    U.S.A.
Edward Patchil    11 Male              Ireland    U.S.A.
Joseph Patchil     4 Male              Ireland    U.S.A.
Mary Ann Patchil   6 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Edward O'Donel    30 Male   Farmer     Ireland    U.S.A.
Catherine O'Donel 24 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Catherine O'Donel  3 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
James O'Donel      5 Male              Ireland    U.S.A.
Andrew Hamilton   31 Male   Farmer     Ireland    U.S.A.
Margaret Hamilton 32 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
George Hamilton    9 Male              Ireland    U.S.A.
Thomas Keems      45 Male   Mason      Ireland    U.S.A.
Barbara Keems     27 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
John Keems        11 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Thomas Keems       1 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Bridget Cummins   32 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Elen Cummins      10 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Patrick Cummins   11 Male              Ireland    U.S.A.
Eliza Cummins      2 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
William Pollock   20 Male   Farmer     Ireland    U.S.A.
Denis Harrington  24 Male   Servant    Ireland    U.S.A.
Sarah Smith       22 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.
Ann McMullin      17 Female            Ireland    U.S.A.

I Thomas Holmes do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that
the Report or Manifest subscribed with my name, and now
delivered by me to the Collector of the District of
Philadelphia, contains, to the best of my knowledge and
belief, a just and true account of all the passengers which
were on board the Sch. Eagle at the time of her sailing
from the port of St. Johns or which have been taken on board
at any time since; that I am at present and have been during
the voyage, Master of the said vessel.  And I do likewise
swear that all matters whatsoever in the said Report or
Manifest, are to the best of my knowledge and belief, just
and true.
                                             SO HELP ME GOD.

Sworn before me, this 10th day of April 1824
             [A?] [E?] [S?] Collector.
                                             Thos Holmes