From, Brooklyn, N.Y., to "Dear James" [no address]

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Document ID 9501251
Date 12-01-1891
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation From, Brooklyn, N.Y., to "Dear James" [no address]; PRONI T 3033/10; CMSIED 9501251
147 [Bond?] St.
Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Jan 13, 1891

Dear James:
     I am sending you a little present
for the children, as I am writing to
them at the same time. I hope you
will receive it all right. How many
promotions have you got now? You
had two the last time I heard from
you,but there is time enough for
another. I hope you are all well
and there will always be plenty
to fill the months of the [stained]
this climate, I notice that they
are having excessively severe weather
in England and in the Content
but I have not noticed that the
weather has been as bad in Ireland.
Everything else, [h------?], appears to
be as bad as it can be. Let
us hope there will be better
times, but they are a long time
     James [----ple] was over
at New Year's. He has got over
his illness, which was very severe
and kept him from work nearly
six months. I hope he writes
to his father. James [stained]
neglect to write considering his
father's age and that he may not
[blank] him long to write in I trust
Uncle Robert and all our
friends are well. I would be glad
to see youn all again, but I don't
know when that will be if ever.
I would like to have money enough
to go over and live in or near
[portaferry?], but that is not very
likely, as money is something that
never stuck to our family very
     [Lucy?], Minnie and [-elp?] desire
[---?] [blank] tend to your wife.