Seventy-eighth annual report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices, 1909-10

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Works Proposed Progress Made, 

Portnoo, County Donegal : 

Kebuilding of an old pier, Downies Bay, County Donegal : 

(WTork No. 
An extension of the existing pier and the removal of rock from the end thereof, Falcorrib, County Donegal: The construction of a boat slip, . 

Liscannor, County Clare : 

The deepening of the harbour; the construction of two special berths for steamers; an exten¬ sion of groyne at the entrance; and the formation of a service area for traffic. 
Cleggan, County Galway : 

(Work No. 
Extension of the pier, 

Benard Point, County Kerry : 

The widening and extension of an existing boat slip and the con¬ struction of a protection wall. 
Downies Bay, Co. 
Donegal : 

(Work No. 
Further extension of the pier, . 

Works completed, 


The work of deepening the har¬ bour is being carried out with the aid of the Board's dredger and rockbreaker " Saxi frage," which has been sent there for the purpose. 
Satisfactory pr-igress has boon made with tho works, but addi¬ tional cost has been entailed owing principally to difficulties with the foundations. 

The work lias progressed satis¬ factorily during the year, and will shortly bo finished. 

The extension at tho end of tho pier has progressed satisfac¬ torily, and is practically com¬ pleted, i 

Ebtinmted Totnl (Jost, 

Expended to :)lbt Muich, 1910* 

£ S. 

8,500 0 0 

3,(391 0 4 

4,3G9 9 8 

1,007 13 0 7,168 7 i 

9,-40 0 0 

3,500 0 0 

6,000 0 0 

4,191 11 10 

2,816 7 6 

5,160 14 8 

* Including contributions from County Oounuls, Congested Districts Board, and Department (if Apiculture ami Tecbi.ieal 




Substantial progress has been made towards the completion of the buildings during the year. 
Much of the scaffolding has now been removed from the various elevations, and the main features and general effect of the buildings are now apparent. 
The heating and ventilation works have made good progress. 
Drawings and specifications for the electrical installation and fitments have been completed, tenders invited, and one will shortly be accepted. 
Arrangements have been concluded for the manufacture and erection of special fittings, etc., 
for the various lecture theatres, laboratories and class¬ rooms, and substantial progress has already been made with the work. 
The Mechanical Engineering School, which forms an important part of the College buildings, is rapidly approaching completion. 

t Further protection works to the portion of the Pier damaged by storm in 1908 were carried out during the year, 

the cost of which, however, does not fall on the sum of £100,000 provided by the Marine Works Act, 1902.