Seventy-seventh report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices for 1908-09

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Stephen's Green. 
James Clarence Mangan MemoriaP.-^DuTimg 
the past year the Board were asked to sanction the erection in St. 
Stephen's Green of a Memorial to James Clarence Mangan, an Irish poet of the early part of tire nineteenth century n 803-1849) The movement undertaken at the date of the centenary of the poet's birth, by the National Literary Society, has resulted in the provision of a Memorial bust (the work of a Dublin sculptor, Mr Oliver Sheppard) supported on a stone pedestal. 
A suitable site near the centre of the Green was selected after conference with the Committee of the Society, and the monument was unveiled on the 22nd May, 1909. 

Sea Fisheries (Ireland) Act, 1883. 

46 & 47 Vic, c 26. 
The Works at Portavogie, Co. 
Down, particulars of which were given in our last Report, have made satisfactory progress. 
The expenditure under the Act during the year has been as follows:— • 

Works at Portavogie, £2,991 1 11 ,, „ Passage East, 


12 0 0 £3,003 1 11 

Position oe the Sea Fisheries Fund. 
£250,000 was provided by the Sea Fisheries Act from the Irish Church Fund for building and improving Fishery Piers and Harbours. 
The balance of this grant—£3,000—which had remained in the hands of the Irish Land Commis¬ sion, was drawn in September, 1906, to meet the requirements of the service. 
The following contributions in aid of works were received in the year:— Erom the Ireland Development Grant Erom County Down \o(\\ Towards tho Portavogio Works. 

2,800 The following Account shows the position of the Fund on the 31st March, 1909:— 

31st March, 09. 

£ s. 
Cash at Bank of Ireland 3,178 5 8 Contributions to be received :— 

Portavogie (Ireland Development Grant) 

2,716 0 0 

5,894 5 8 

Works at Portavogie, Co. 
Down Balance of Fund unappropriated 

Liabilities 31st March, '09. 

£ s. 
3,297 0 5 2,507 5 3 

5,894 5 8 

Marine Works Act, 1902. 

2nd Ed. 
c 24. 
Of the sum of £100,000 allocated for works under the Marine Works Act, an expenditure of £48,309 was authorised up to the close of the financial year. 
The unexpended balance on 31st March, 1909, was £51,691, but this balance-includes, not only the sum necessary to complete the works now in progress, but also a large sum which was provisionally set aside for expenditure upon the Inishlyre scheme in the Co.