Seventy-sixth report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices for 1907-08

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53 expenditure to restore it. 
As a result of communication with the Trustees, they have decided to carry out the work of restoration themselves and to expend a con¬ siderable sum on it during the summer months of 1908. 
Cashen Drainage District, Co Kerry.—Complaint 
as to the condition of this District having been forwarded to the Irish Government by the County Council, the position of the District which we alluded to in our Report for 1905-6 wa*. 
explained to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, and a suggestion made that the Local Government Board should be approached with the view of getting it trans¬ ferred to the County Council. 
Recent information indicates that while a notice of motion with this object in view was given by the local authorities, it was subsequently withdrawn, and the matter still remains in abeyance. 

Marine Works (Ireland) Act, 1902. 

2 Ed. 
The works at Cape Clear, Co. 
Cork, Liscannor, Co. 
Clare, Portnoo and Gort-nasate, Co. 
Donegal, which were in progress at the commencement of the year were, with the exception of Liscannor, brought to completion, and further" works at Falchorrib, Co. 
Donegal, and Renard Point, Valentia, Co. 
Kerry, certified under the Act during the year were put in hand by the Board, departmentally. 
The work at Ealchorrib was practically completed in February, 1908, and a good start wTas made with that at Renard Point, which will, it is expected, be completed this year. 
As regards the work at Liscannor, a Receiver was appointed over the affairs of the Contractor, who has done nothing towards completing the Contract. 
The Board are endeavouring to come to an arrangement by which they will themselves carry out the remaining work necessary to put the harbour into as good condition as practicable An extension of the North Pier at Cleggan, Co. 
Galway, was certified under the Act towards the close of the year, and it is expected that the work will be commenced very shortly. 
-Further works have been under consideration at The Scar, Co. 
Donegal, and Portmagee, Co. 
Kerry, but they have not so far been brought within the provisions of the Act. 
The new pier at Downies Bay, completed in 1906-7, suffered considerable damage during a series of heavy storms in January last through the foundations of the pier head having been undercut. 
Immediate steps were taken to secure the structure from further injury and the repair of the work was put in hand as soon as weather conditions permitted. 

Sea Fisheries (Ireland) Act, 1883. 

46 & 47 Vic, cap. 
Passage East, Co. 
reported last year, considerable difficulty was experienced in dealing with the excavation from this Harbour owing to its shallowr-ness, the confined space in which the work had to be carried on, the tenacious character of the material and the distance to the discharging ground. 
The work was finally completed during the summer months. 
Portavogie Pier, Co. 
with the local authorities were con¬ tinued, and on receipt of authorisation in November, the preliminaries necessary to the execution of the scheme were at once proceeded with. 
The final notice of 

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