Seventy-sixth report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices for 1907-08

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The following table gives an outline of the progress made with the various Marine works in operation or completed under the Act, with a statement of the expenditure thereon up to the ;>lst March last:— 

Works Proposed. 

Cape Clear, County Cork : 

An inner harbour cross wall, with entrance (and booms) at one cud ; repairs and improvements to the harbour walls, and deepening of the inner harbour. 

The extension of the existing noith pier to cover a dangerous rock, Kilronan, County Galway : 

The extension and partial recon¬ struction of an existing old jetty. 
Cleggan, County Galway : 

Construction of a breakwater and cattle slip, and the removal of a portion of the existing groyne. 
Kinvarra, County Galway : 

The restoration of the pier and wharf walls, and the erection of a new storm wall and other minor im¬ provements. 
Gortnasate, County Donegal : 

The construction of a deep water quay for steamers, and of an approach road, and the removal of shoals. 
Cladnageeragh, County Donegal : 

A timber .jetty 
extension of the exist¬ ing pier. 
Portnoo, County Donegal : 

Rehuilding of an old pier, . 

*Downies Bay, County Donegal: An extension of the existing pier and the removal of rock from the end thereof. 
Palcorrib, County Donegal : 

The construction of a boat slip, Lisoannor, County Clare : 

The deepening of the harbour ; ihe construction of two special berths for steamers; an extension of groyne at the entrance; and the formation of a service area for traffic. 

Cleggan, County Galway Extension of the pier, Renard Point, County Kerry : 

The widening and extension of an existing boat slip and the con¬ struction of a protection wall. 

Progress Made. 

Works completed, 

Estimated i Expended to Total Cost. 
31st March, 1908. 

£> s. 
d, I £ s. 



0,493 7 9 










The work is finished, except for some rock excavation in the bed of the harbour, which the contractors have failed to deal with. 
The Board are considering the pro¬ priety of terminating the contract, with a view to arranging for the execution of the unfinished work. 

The work was sanctioned towards the end of the year, and a tender has since been accepted. 
This work was Sanctioned, towards the end cf the year, and consider¬ able progress has since been made with the works. 

8,600 0 0 

7,300 0 0 

2,500 0 0 

1,919 -1 0 

3,319 15 8 

3,733 18 (5 

5 4 

5,687 17 5 

1,250 0 1 

3,059 6 9 

9 8 

941 15 5 

6,630 19 2 

41 6 6 

* Works to repair the damage done by the atoim of January, 1008, are proceeding. 
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