Seventy-fifth report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices for 1906-07

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Of the sum of £100,000 allocated for works under the Marine Works Act, a sum of £34,843 was expended up to the close of the financial year. 
The unexpended balance as from 31st March, 1907, was £65,157, but this balance includes not only the sum necessary to complete the works now in progress, but also a large sum which was provisionally set aside for expenditure upon the Inishlyre scheme above referred to. 

The following table gives an outline of the progress made with the various Marine works in operation or completed under the Act, with a statement of the expenditure thereon up to the 31st March last:— 


Works Proposed. 
Progress Made 

Estimated Total Co3t 

Expended to 31st Marcb, 1907 

Cape Clear, County Cork : 

An inner harbour cross wall, with entrance (and booms) at one end. 
Repairs and improvements to the harbour walls, and deepening of the inner harbour. 

Liscannor, County Clare : 

The deepening of the harbour ; the construction of two special berths for steamers; an extension of groyne at the entrance; and the formation of a service area for traffic. 
Roundstoni*;, County Galway : 

The extension of the existing north pier to cover a dangerous rock, .TtiLRONAsr, 
County Galway : 

The extension and partial recon¬ struction of an existing old jetty. 
Cleggan, County Galwa\ : 

Construction of a breakwater and cattle slip, and the removal of a portion of the existing groyne. 
Kinyakea, County Galway : 

The restoration of the pier and wharf walls, and the erection of a new -•storm wall and other minor im¬ provements. 
Gortna'ate, County Donegal : 

The construction of a deep water quay for steamers, and of an approach road, and the removal of shoals. 

Oladnagberagh, County Donegal : 

A timber jetty extension of the exist¬ 

ing pier. 

£ s. 
Considerable difficulty was exper¬ ienced in securing proper founda¬ tions for the boom wall, but the work -was practically completed by the 31st December, 1906. 
Some undercutting of the boom wall head was noticed subsequently which necessitated underpinning and sheet piling the foundations., 
and caused delay in the final com¬ pletion. 
The works have been finished since the end of the finan¬ cial year. 
The work was finished except for some rock excavation in the bed of the harbour, which the contractors have experienced great difficulty in dealing with. 

The work is completed and the final payment made. 

The work is completed and the final payment made. 

6,450 0 0 

£ 5,781 13 7 

8,600 0 0 6,460 12 It 

The work is completed. 
3,734 0 0 

1,949 4 0 

3,319 15 8 

3,068 12 7 

The work is completed and the final payment made. 

1,368 13 9 

The contract work is completed but some rock excavation below low water level, subsequently arranged for, has still to be finished. 

The work is completed and the 

payment made. 

5,700 0 0 4,824 9 11 

1,250 0 1