Bill to amend provision for Government of Ireland [as amended in Committee, and on Consideration]

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[56 & 57 Vict.] 
Government of Ireland. 
33 (16.).Until 
otherwise provided by Irish Act, if the same person is elected A.D. 
to a seat in each House, he shall, before the eighth day after the next sitting of either House, by written notice, elect in which House he will serve, and upon such election his seat in the other House shall be vacant, and if he 5 does not so elect, his seat in both Houses shall be vacant. 

Until otherwise provided by Irish Act, any such notice electing in which House a person will sit, "or any notice of resignation, shall be given in manner directed by the Standing Orders of the Houses, and if there is no such direction, shall be given to the Lord Lieutenant. 
10 (18.) 
The powers of either House shall not be affected by any vacancy 

therein, or any defect in the election or qualification of any member thereof. 
Until otherwise provided by Irish Act the holders of such Irish offices as may be named by Order of the Queen in Council before the appointed day, shall be entitled to be elected to and sit in either House notwithstanding 15 that they hold offices under the Cro vn, but on acceptance of any such office 

the seat of any such person in either House shall be vacated unless he has accepted the office in succession to some other of the said offices. 

The Lord Lieutenant in Council may, btfore the appointed day 20 make regulations for the following purposes :— 

The making of a register of electors of councillors in time for the election of the first councillors, and with that object for the variation of the days relating to registration in the existing election laws, and for prescribing the duties of officers, and for making such adaptations of those 25 laws as appear necessary or proper fur duly making a register; 

The summoning of the tavo Houses of the Legislature of Ireland, the issue of writs and any other thing.s 
appearing to be necessary or proper for the election of members of the two Houses: (c.) 
The election of a chairman (whether called Speaker, President, or by 30 any other name,) of each House, the quorum of each House, the 

communications between the two Houses, and such adaptation to the proceedings of the two Houses of the procedure of Parliament, as appears expedient for facilitating the conduct of business by those Houses on their first meeting ; 35 id.) 
The adaptation to the two Houses and the members thereof of any 

laws and customs relating to the House of Commons or the members thereof; (e.) 
The deliberation and voting together of the two Houses in cases provided by this A ct. 
40 (21.) 
The regulations may be altered by Irish Act, and also in so far as 

they concern the procedure of either House alone, by Standing Orders of that House, but shall, until altered, have effect as if enacted in this Act.