Observations by Assistant Inspector General of Royal Irish Constabulary with regard to firing of shots at Mitchelstown, County Cork, September 1887

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RETOH3SV-259 . 

N° 2 

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Upper Cork ST 

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where, ShLnroodfo ocrudt Cccsey fkJJb . 

frcrro which, shots were, fired, to the, right,. 

window Shorn, wTux-h/ the, shots, vfrTrect c&r&eb, mxcet, 7lojj& h&ero fored, to strike, the, spoi> where, SfvbxrcLcJc cxrt^U Cccsey feJL. 
It-is impossible, from, winoZow W?. 
to cover the, spot/ cos the, clotted, Tjiroe, of* fore, 

y sOxrtirig from, B/ shows. 
m . 
Spot,, -n&oor W/. 
w7iere the, Tceccnest, approach, coon, Tie, 

TrLcocZe, to ewer the,pZcoce, wJbere, ShiruvicJc ccrod, Goosey feZL. 
Spot, -ru&ccr W Z . 

from, which zt isjocst possible-to clover the, pZoux, wToere, ShcnjnjLeTc ocnjoL Cccsef feht. 
(TTve, wiruZows cere, so ruxrrow that, '/yozz, c&runjot present, ov nufZe very oilzxfizjely When, storcolong withyczzr bcocJc cZose,-vqp ccgccunM, the, sTvarfter . 

See, cbUxffrcorrv S wvth renaroZ to this . 


Dangefifjild Lith 22. 
Bedford St Cqvenv Garden l^6^6.y/88.