Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: sixteenth report

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0 Mulcleighe, of Lishgowre, Cormock Mowmegh, of same, husb., 
M'Stephen, of the Corran,..and 
Shane m'Moyler m'Walter M'Stephen, of same, gentlemen, Edm. 
boy and David m'Wm. 
M'Moyler, of same, kerns, Moyier ro M'Stephen, of Belavarie, and Walter m'Moiler M'Stephen, of same, gentlemen, Teige boy M'Gillallen, of Keologelieghe, Cahill M'Gillallen, Walter cluffe M'Cahill, Wm. 
crone M'Keale, Shan sallagh M'Keale, Rich. 
m'Farrieghe 0 Kenevan, Rich. 
m'Owen keogh 0 Kenevan, Owen duffe 0 Flin, and Rory O Flin, husbandmen, Shane M'Gillallien, kern, Gilleduff 0 Kearney, husb., 
Moilmurry m'Tirlagh M'Artor, galloglas, Eneas 0 Higen, husb., 
Moylerry bane M'Keale, Edm. 
boy Breinagh, Tho. 
reogh m'Gilleduffe bane, kerns, and Hugh 0 Howley, husb., 
of same place, Onora ni vie Morishe, of Moynully, Hugh 0 Mullany, of Ardenery, kern, Donogh ro ni'Therlagh m'Eneas M'Donell, of Moynully, galloglas, Moyler Bourk, of Ballieregh,gent., 
Manus M'Enilly, of Belacoily, husb., 
ManusM'Multulleey,of the Togher, husb., 
ColloM'Donnell, of the'Clonin, Donogh grana M'Donnell, ancl Eneas M'Donnell, of same, galloglasses, Rich. 
Stanton m'Shane boye, and Rich. 
0 Mullawney, of same, husbandmen, Owney ni vie Morish, of same, Hubert oge m'Shane M'Enarreny, of Dunnemona, gent., 
Theobald m'Shane M'Jonyn, of Kilcoire, gent., 
0 Laghan, Tho. 
O Muelly, of same, husbandmen, Cissely duff ny Connell, of Aghelahard, widow, Rorie oge M'Kenlaghe, Neile M'Kenlagh, of same, Tho. 
oge M'Ewaddy, of Curry, husbandmen, Ullick boy M'Ullerdyne, Teige boy M'Evadclye, kern, Theobald m'Red. 
M'Gibon, of Kellineboyan, gent., 
Bourk m'Davy, of Clonekery, Shan and Tho. 
Bourk m'Davy, of same, gentlemen, Bich. 
more M'Enallye, of same, Wm. 
owny m'Edmond boye, of Cregmore, Tho. 
boy M'Grevain, of Robyn, kerns, Walter oge m'Walter m'Fiaghe, of Clonegolo, gent., 
Mary ni Ricarcl ny Gerrott, of same. 
Hugh M'Genin, of Balliloghmaske, husb., 
Moyler Browne, labourer, Jonack m'Walter M'Theobod, gent., 
Shane 0 Haneriereghe, Edm. 
Browne, Dermot 0 Fyny, and Hugh 0 Fyny, labourers, Walter Scurlock, husb., 
Dowdurra oge 0 Connill, Donogh ro 0 Brien, and Allen M'Grevun, labourers, Gilledufle m'Walter M'Murry, husb., 
m'Henry M'Theobod, Moyler m'Riccard M'Theobod, ancl Riccard oge m'Riccard M'Theobod, gentlemen, of same place, David m'Wm. 
M'Jonack, of Litirbrock, Wm oge m'Wm. 
M'Richard, of Knocktalene, Edm. 
Rich m'Wm., 
of same, ancl Walter Bourk m'Hubert, of Ballivighan, gentlemen, Donell grana 0 Meran, of Boreshowle, Shane 0 Cleary, of Ballintober, husband¬ men, Wm. 
Bourk, of Newton, gent., 
Katherhi Bourk, of same, Riukard Bourk, of same, gent, and Farrieghe m'Theiieghe ro M'Donell, of Carrignecly, in co. 
Provisions as in 5797.— 
10 March, xxxv. 
5800 (4707.) 
Pardon to Brian E Cowily 0 Flaherty, of Ballynone, 

Moyler oge m'Moyler duff Joy, of Glantreige, Tho. 
boy m'Ewer Joy, Riccarcl m'Ecl. 
duf Joy, Riccard oge m'Riccard m'Moyler Joy, Shane sallagh m'Riccard m'Moylor Joy, Gilleduf O Kenevan, Riccarcl m'Theobalcl m'Collo Joy, Edm. 
m'Collo Joy, Henry oge m'Henry boy Joy, Shane m'Henry boy Joy, and Fiagh Joy, of same place, Redmund oge m'Redmund m'Davy Joy, of Kelmyl-con, Walter Vale, of Droeght, Edm. 
and Rory rn'Ewet-Joy, of