Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: sixteenth report

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131 1590. 

Morogh m'Teige, of Cloyngashall, Edm. 
salagh m'Riccard M'Jonyn, Feagh m'Riccard M'Jonyn, Riccard M'Hubert, of Cloingashall, Edm. 
M'Walter, of Liskelin, Rich. 
M'Edmond, of same, Edm. 
M'Hales, Tho. 
oge M'Morris, Brien Eterrup, Tho. 
M'Tibbold, of Creingh, Tho. 
oge M'Tibbalcle, of same, Shane m'Tho. 
M'Tibbalde, Moyler m'Shane M'Richard, Davi oge M'Nales, of Lebbale, James reogh M'Davy, Riccard boy M'Davy, of same, Walter M'Edmond, of Crofine, Marcus m'Naba M'Conill, of the Togher, Kahier, Phelim oge, Eneas, and Caiell m'Marcus, of same, Gilliduffe Maloye, Riccard M'Gibbon, of same, David m'Tho. 
Kevaghe M'Jonyn, of Skelocan, Tebalde boy m'Tho. 
M'Jonnyn, Jonyn m'Ulick m'Edm. 
boy M'J onnyn, of same, Wm. 
Burke m'Sheane Termayn, of Clonkerry, Moyler m'Tibbot Keogh Burke, of same, Eclm. 
Burke m'Davy, of Oloynegashall, Tho. 
Burke m'Davy, of same, Jonyn m'Redmond M'Jonyn, of Killcoyre, Edm. 
boy M'Jonyn, of same, Wm. 
une m'Davie M'Jonyn, Riccard m'Edm. 
boy M'Jonjn, Hubbert m'Eclm. 
boy M'Jonyn, Tho. 
oge Burke m'Tho., 
of Newcastell, Wm. 
0 Higgen, of Clonerin, Caher ni'Bryen boy M'Donill, Tirlagh m'Bryan boy M'Donill, Shean M'Keogam, of Ballinraba, ancl Gilleduffe m'Sheane M'Tibbald, of the Togher, all in co. 
Security as in 4943.—27 
5453 (4404.) 
Pardon to Bicard Burke, of Derneanlashney alias 

De'rry m'Laghney, Teig 0 Donelly, of Ballindery, Win. 
M'Donell, of Kyllneknock, Edm. 
M'Melaghlin, of the Ban, and Hiue 0 Donnelly, of Ballindery. 
Security as in 4943.—27 
5454 (4447.) 
Lease (under queen's letter, 12 April, xxi.) 
to Edm. 
English 0 Fallon, of Athlone; of a mill in Clonkille, ancl mills and other 

premises in Athlone, as leased in 3447, also premises in Athlone, and the friary of Beallaneny, as leased in 3402. 
To hold for 30 years from the end of the recited leases. 
Bent, 45s. 
He shall not alien without license under the great seal. 
Other provisions as in 5311. 
Subject also to the special provisions in 3402.—28 
5455 (4430.) 
Grant to James Meaghe, of Clenlishe, gent; of the 

wardship ancl marriage of Maurice m'Thomas, son and heir of Tho. 
Cawme fitz John de Gerraldynes, kte of Gortnetubberedcl, co. 
Limerick, gent.; 
ancl custody of his lands. 
To hold during minority. 
Rent £6, English; of which 40s. 
Irish may be re¬ tained for maintenance of the minor. 
Fine £6 ster.—29 
5456 (4400.) 
Pardon to Fining m'Dermot 0 Driscall, of Downegall, 

Donogh M'Melmogby, of Kinalmeke, Dermot m'Donnell M'Cormack, of Balligunosig, Patr. 
Garland, of Shipspoole, Shane lader O Mahowne, of Kinalmecke, Teig m'Shane O Mahowne, of same, Donnogh O Mahowne alias Donnogh glassolagh, Fining m'Donnell M'Carti, of Dromlegaghe, Shane O Kerne, of Ardten-name, Wm. 
Thomas, of Kensalle, David Boche, Bich. 
Nogell, of same, Dermot m'Fininge M'Cartie, (of) Karignasse, Wm. 
M'Shiche, of Castletowne, Donnell oge m'Donnell M'Rannell, of Cartie, Eneas keaghe ODaly, of Moyntervarye, Fininge M'Donoghor, of Ballimore, Dermot m'Con M'Faghey, of same, Donnoge Ogalloghoe, of Mashanglasse, Tho. 
m'Morish m'William 0 Hagiren, of Cgnehe, Teig M'Cangellye, Wm, Shane O Cangelly,