Report of President of Queen's College, Galway, 1867-69

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of Queen's College, Gakvay. 

Deans of Residence. 

United Church of England and Ireland, .... 
James O'Sullivan, m.a. 
General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Rev. 
William Adair. 
"Wesleyan Methodist Church, Rev. 
Mortlock Long. 

TnE College Session. 
The College Session is divided into three Terms. 
The First Term of the Session 1868-9 commences on Tuesday, October 20, and ends on December 23,1868. 
The Second Term commences on January 5, and ends on Saturday, March 20, 1869. 
The Third Term commences ou April 5, and ends on Saturday, June 12,1869. 
The First Term of the Session 1869-70 commences on Tuesday, October 19, aud ends on December 23, 1869. 

Students are either Matriculated or Non-Matriculated. 
Matriculated Students are required to pass an entrance or Matriculation Examination, and to pursue fixed courses of study. 
Non-Matriculated are permitted to attend the Lectures of any of the Pro¬ fessors, -without being required to pass the Matriculation or any other Examination.* 

Candidates for Degrees or Diplomas in the Queen's University, or for Scholarships, Exhibitions, or Prizes, in Queen's College, Galway, are required to pass a Matriculation Examination. 
Students are admitted by examination to Matriculation in the Faculties of Arts, Law, and Mediciue, and in the School of Engineering. 
In each Faculty and School special courses are prescribed for examination.! 
The Matriculation Examination is held at the commencement of the first Term of each Session ; but additional Matriculation Examinations are held before the close of the Term. 
Tho last Matriculation Examination for Students in the Faculty of Medicine is held on tho 16th of November. 
Candidates for Matriculation are required to appear in the Registrar's office before the Matriculation Examination for the purpose of entering their names on the College books. 
Each candidate, before being admitted to the Matriculation Examination, is required to pay to the Bursar the Matriculation and Gollege fee of ten shillings. 
This fee will be returned to such students as may fail to pass the Examination. 

Attendance on Lectures. 
Attendance upon Lectures is strictly prescribed to all Matriculated Students. 
All Students shall pay the College Fee, and a moiety of their Class Fees, to the Bursar, and enter tlieir names with the Registrar, before they are admitted to the classes of the several Professors. 
The Registrar shall furnish to the Professors, before the commencement 

* For further particulars of the status and privileges of Xon-Matriculated Students, wdep.