Correspondence with reference to recent ejectment of lands of Derryveagh, in county of Donegal

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COPY of Correspondence with the Chief or Under Secretary for Ireland, with reference to a recent Ejectment of the Lands of Derryveagh, County of Donegal. 

The Under Secretary to J. 
Adair, Esq, Sir, Dublin Castle, 2 February 1861. 
I am directed by the Lord Lieutenant to transmit herewith copy of a Police Report, which has been received through the Inspector General of Constabulary, relative to affording protection to your herd; also a copy of the Constabulary Code, containing the conditions on which police protection is supplied in private houses; and I am desired to state that his Excellency apprehends there must be some mistake in the case, and that it will be necessary that the men be accom¬ modated in conformity with the regulations, and 1 s. 
per night paid for each man so long as you wish the post to be retained. 

I am, &c. 
John George Adair, Esq., 
(signed) Thos. 
Glenveagh, Letterkenny. 

County of Donegal. 

Letterkenny, 24 January 1861. 
In reference to file 29, November 1860, I beg; to state, that I have made inquiry, and have reason to apprehend that Dougald Rankin's (Mr. 
Adair's herd at Glenveagh) life would be in danger, should the protection of the police be withdrawn from him. 
I beg to annex a copy of an information sworn by Rankin on the 30th ultimo, before John Stewart, Esq., 
at Gartan, by which it appears he has reason to apprehend that violence would be used towards him if he had not the protection of the police. 

I have only to add, that the party stationed at Mr. 
Adair's cottage are constantly com¬ plaining of having no firing, and informed me that Mr. 
Adair told them he would "supply them with none, which, I think, is the very least he should clo, as they are protecting his servants and property, and for which he pays nothing. 

(signed) John Corr, J. 
Macmahon, Esq., 
County Inspector. 
2 S. 

County of Donegal. 

Glenveagh Cottage, 24 December 1561. 
I beg to state, that I and three sub-constables have been sent heie for the protection of Mr. 
Adair's property and servants. 
Since we came here we have endured great hardship, cutting timber for fuel, and we are allowed none, I spoke to Mr. 
Adair on the 20th instant to provide us with fuel and light, which he declined to give us. 
He has also refused to allow us to cut timber. 
It is, therefore, impossible for us to do without fire ; have to patrol the mountains during the day, and return at night to a damp cold house, with our clothing wet, ourselves fatigued from cold and want of food, having no fire to cook our •victuals or dry our clothing. 
Under these circumstances, i Ik pe the county inspector will call on Mr. 
Adair to provide us with fuel and light agreeable to section 1031 of the Code, or have our grievances redressed. 

(signed) James 31 Lain, Constable. 
JVJacmahon, Esq. 
John Corr, 26 December 1860. 

Letterkenny, 28 December 1860. 
"Returned to the Sub Inspector for report. 
With reference to file above quoted, in the event of the party being withdi awn from Glenveagh Lodge, do you consider Dugald Hankin, Mr. 
Adair's present manager, would be in danger? 

Sub Inspector Corr. 
(signed) J. 
Macmahon, c.i. 


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