Select Committee to inquire into Duties, Functions and Remuneration of County and District Surveyors in Ireland: report, proceedings, minutes of evidence, appendix and index

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of more frequent payment to the contractors for maintenance, and of prompt Mr. J. mil.
payment to other contractors.  

1499. That was suggested by two of tlie previous witnesses ?—It was. 7 August 1857,

1500. As to the mode of providing a fund, have you anything to suggest
beyond that which Isas been suggested by other witnesses ?—I do not know
whether the other witnesses stated that the levy of county cess should be by
estimate instead of by the present mode; I think it would be most desirable it
should be so.

1501. Mr. Waldron.]^ You have given these matters a great deal of considera¬
tion ?—I iiave.

1502. What, in your opinion, would be the most economical and best system
to adopt for the conduct and management of county works ?—I do not think
there couid be a better than the present system.

1503. What is the emendation you would suggest, if any?—The emendation
is, tliat in the larger counties I consider you would require assistants of a superior
grade to what you have in the other counties. In the county I am in myself, I
would not seek for any such assistants. I am quite competent to do the duty
myself; but in such counties as Galway and Tipperary, or Kerry, or Antrim, I
think it would be most desirable to have superior assistants.

1504. I understand it to be your opiaion that with a surveyor, a deputy-sur¬
veyor and the assistant-surveyors you have now, you think that no improvement
can be made in the system in Ireland ?—I think so.

1505. Do you think it vvould be a more economical arrangement than the one
existing at present?—It vvould produce more economy in the execution of the
works and greater efficiency; but it may cost more to the counties for super¬
vision than at present.

1506. You mentioned that you resigned the surveyorship of Clare because
you found the duties too severe ?—I did.

1507. I find by this table that you had three assistants in Clare?—Four.

J508. You had four in Clare, and but three in King's County, which is the
larger county?—No, King's County is not much more than half the size of Clare.

Clare is 827,000 acres, whereas King's County is only 493,000 acres.

1,509. You say that your actual nett receipts in Clare were but 140 I. a year ?

—That was the nett amount of the surveyor's salarj^ at that time. I had another
salary for the superintendence of public roads.

5510. Have you any suggestion to make as to whether the surveyor's expenses
should be paid by the county instead of by the surveyor?—I think it would be
but jusiice that the county surveyor should have a fair salary, in proportion to the
amount of duties he has to perform; and I think it vvould be conducive to the
public interest, if he were paid his expenses.

1511. Do yOu think it would increase his efficiency, and also induce him to
visit the roads oftener than he does at present?—Decidedly so.

Mr. Horace 17. Townsend, called in ; and Examined.

1512. Chinrmun7\ YOU are now Surveyor of Queen's County?—Yes. Mr.

15'3- When were you appointed for Queen's County?—In August 1845, U- U.Toxmsend,

1514- Of what county were you surveyor previously?—North Tipperaiy froui
May I 839.

i5!.5. When were you examined?—In December 1838.

1516. Was the examination a stringent one?—Very much so; I was examined
for 10 days, each day from lo in the morning till five in the afternoon, and \

became knocked up by the close confinement and the excitement; I had to btav
away some time under a doctor's care, and go back again for further exami¬

1517. Will you describe the extent of your duties in the county with v/hich you
are at present connected t—The average number of miles of road under repair in
Queen's County is between 800 and 900. There are new works going on con¬
stantly, and in addition there is the attendance upon sessions and assizes.

Tiie ordinary duties?—The ordinary duties.

1519. Have you assistants in Queen's County ?—Throe.

1520. What number of assistants had you in North Tipperary?—Three.

1.521. To what extent are you able to perform your duties personally, and to

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