Select Committee on Kinsale Election Petition: minutes of evidence

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217 6696. 
Flow often did you go for the stout ?— 
I am not sure, I went often and Bridget Keating. 
often; I was two or three times in and out of the house. 
Was Keiley staying there during those two or three days ?—Yes, 
he was. 
2$ February 1848. 
And his wife?—And 
his wife; his wife used to go home at night and come after breakfast; the night before the election she remained entirely that night. 
She remained the whole night there ?—Yes, 
she did. 
Were you there the night before the election?—No 
; I went home about nine o'clock. 
How do you know, if you were not there, that she remained there all night ?—I 
know that she did not come down home, and she told us the next morning she was there. 
Did David Keiley ever say anything to you about paying for the stout you fetched ?—No. 
During those two or three days, all the stout that you got, did you ever offer to pay for ?—No, 

Were you ever asked to pay ?—Never 
; I w7as never asked to pay. 
You went from one room in the house to the bar ?—From 
the kitchen. 
You were sent by David Keiley ?—Yes, 
and by Sergeant Sweeney; they asked me to go for them. 
You acted as a sort of waiting-maid to them that day ?—Yes. 

Manisty was heard in support of the objection to the vote of David Keiley. 
Andrews was heard in answer to the objection, The Committee-room was cleared. 
On Counsel, agents and parties being called in, they were informed by the Chairman, the Committee had determined to retain the vote. 
Manisty stated, that being the decision of the Committee upon David Keiley's vote, he did not think he could successfully proceed with the other cases of that description ; and although there were other voters as to whom he had objections, yet they w7ere not sufficient in number to give Mr. 
Watson a majority on the poll, and, therefore, he would now withdraw from the scrutiny. 
The Committee-room was cleared. 
On Counsel, parties and agents being called in, they were informed by the Chairman that he had to report the following Resolutionsof t he Committee to the House :— " That Richard Samuel Guinness, Esq., 
was not duly elected a Burgess to serve in the present Parliament for the borough of Kinsale. 
" That the last election for the said borough was a void election. 
" That the said Richard Samuel Guinness, Esq., 
did, by his agents, commit bribery at the last election for the said borough. 
" That it was proved to the Committee that William Ahearne was bribed, by the payment of 8 I. 
9 s. 
11 d., 
on account of his having voted at the said election ; and James Mahoney, by a similar payment of 5 /. 
7 s. 

" That there is no evidence that those acts of bribery were committed with the knowledge and consent of the said Richard Samuel Guinness." 

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