Fictitious Votes (Ireland): first report, minutes of evidence, appendix, index

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Borough of Kinsale. 



*f William O'Brien Adams Cork-street esquire. 
•-> John Anderson ---Lower Fisher-street publican. 
3 Garrett Arundell Market-lane grocer. 
4 JohnBohane -Bandon-road farmer. 
5 Patrick Courcey Mary's Abbey publican. 
fl Timothy Conner Cork-street -livery-stable-keeper. 
7 Daniel Castles -Barrack-street victualler. 
8 Samuel Denrus Butcher's-row ditto. 
9 John Falvey -Barrack-street carrier. 
10 James Flynn -Fryer-street gardener. 
11 Daniel Hallahan Fryer's-walk publican. 
12 Thomas Kelly -Scilly-green farmer. 
13 James Riely -Butcher's-row tailor. 
14 John Mathias Spread -Compass-hill esquire. 
15 Daniel Francis Sullivan Lower Fisher-street pawnbroker. 
16 Patrick Toomey The Glen -servant. 
17 John Ward -World's-end publican. 

Appendix (A.) 

Persons Registered as Marksmen. 

28 February 1837. 
James Chatterton, Clerk of the Peace. 

Borough of Lisburn. 

— None. 

Darcus, Clerk of the Peace. 

Borough of Daniel Byrne, of Charles-street, tailor. 
John Brown, of Mary-street, hatter. 
James Byrne, of Neville-street, farmer. 
Thomas Comerford, of South-street, publican. 
John Devereux, of South-street, publican. 
John Doyle, of Conduit-street. 
James Franey, of Mary-street, dealer. 
William Farrell, of Michael-street, huckster. 

New Ross. 
William Flood, of Tanyard-lane, publican. 
Laurence Kent, of John-street, dealer. 
William Kelly, of Conduit-street. 
James Kavanagh, of Irishtown. 
Thomas Lawler, of North-street. 
Denis Murphy, of Irishtown. 
James Power, of Irishtown. 
Anthony Hawkins, Clerk of the Peace. 

Henry Blong. 
Peter Copeland. 
James Crosby. 
Thomas Connor. 

Borough of Portarlington. 
Michael Coleman. 
James Dunn. 
Peter Dunn. 
Richard Finlay. 

John Hall. 
Bryan Higgins. 
George Kennedy. 
Samuel Melton. 

George M'Daniel. 
Richard Maughen. 
Patrick Shaughnesy. 
William Caldbeck, Clerk of the Peace. 

Armstrong, James. 
Anderson, Thomas. 
Beglane, Bryan. 
Brennan, James. 
Burns, John. 
Bums, John. 
Breiman, John. 
Black, Michael. 
Battle, Owen. 
Bree, Denis. 
Brennan, Patrick. 
Bachannon, Alex. 
Brennan, James. 
Brennan, Edward. 
Burns, Roger. 
Carter, David. 
Connor, Michael. 
^awly, Lawrence. 
Mffiway, Roger. 

Borough of Sligo. 
Cunningham Peter. 
Cunningham, Wm. 
Cunningham, Mich. 
Carty, Connor. 
Cawly, James. 
Cawly, Denis. 
Connor, Charles. 
Cleary, Laurence. 
Connoly, Michael. 
Cryan, Mathew. 
Cunlisk, Peter. 
Clancy, Roger. 
Clancy, Roger. 
Carroll, Michael. 
Cunningham, Wm. 
Carter, David. 
Derrig, Connell. 
Dillon, James. 
Devany, Phelim. 

Doyle, Michael. 
Devany, Pat. 
Davis, James. 
Davy, Peter. 
Erly, Francis. 
Flynn, Michael. 
Finegan, Michael. 
Fallon, John. 
Flanelly, Murty. 
Flynn, Edward. 
Flynn, Peter. 
Finan, James. 
Finegan, Thomas. 
Finegan, Michael. 
Ferguson, John. 
Foley, Michael. 
Fury, Jeremiah. 
Gaffny, Thomas. 
Geraghty, Martin. 

Gallagher, James. 
Gallagher, Michael. 
Ganly, John. 
Gillon, Thomas. 
Gilgan, James. 
Gallagher, James. 
Gilgan, James. 
Gilgan, Edward. 
Gallagher, Farrell. 
Gilgan, James. 
Gallagher, Thomas. 
Heally, Charles. 
Hart, Peter. 
Hart, Roger. 
Heally, Bryan. 
Hargadon, Patrick. 
Hargadon, Thomas. 
Hart, Pat. 
Higgins, Pat. 
" (continued)