Register held by the R.I.C. of those who have gone to America

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Document ID 9309145
Date 01-06-1881
Document Type Official Documents
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Register held by the R.I.C. of those who have gone to America; PRONI T 3507/1; CMSIED 9309145
The following are listed as 'gone to America' June 1881:

Name              Town                 Profession
Anne J Darragh   Knocknacarry aged 50   "cotter"
Also her son William aged 17
Charles McKeown  Agolagh aged 60        "farmer"
John Lyden       Agolagh aged 35        "caretaker"
Francis McKeegan Cloney aged 54         "farmer"
Maggie O'Neill   Barmeen daughter of Charles and Ellen O'Neil aged 20
Elizabeth Harkin Ballindam aged 14  daughter of Mary and William Harkin "farmer"
Sarah McKinley   Ballindam aged 51 possibly wife of Hugh McKinley "tailor"
Hugh McNeill     Altigore aged 16 son of Jane McNeill "farmer"
Denis Laverty    Altigore Aged 18 son of Mary Laverty
Denis McCurdy    Turnamoney aged 20 son of Alexander McCurdy,
                                        "farmer" deceased
John McNeill     Legdautan aged 23 son of Daniel McNeill
Charles Magee    Uncinagh aged 48       "farmer"
Daniel Magee     Dunurgan aged 50       "tailor"
Alice Magee      Dunurgan aged 48 wife of Daniel Magee
John Magee          "     aged 18 son of Daniel and Alice Magee
Daniel Magee        "     aged 16 son of Daniel and Alice Magee
James Magee         "     aged 14 son of Daniel and Alice Magee
Alice Magee         "     aged  9 daughter of Daniel and Alice Magee
Charles Magee       "     aged  6 son of Daniel and Alice Magee
James Cumming    Ardicoan aged 52       "farmer
John McKinley    Loughan  aged 20 son of John McKinley
Eliza McIntyre   Cushendun aged 16      "servant"
Patrick McKay    East Torr aged 16 son of Daniel McKay
Registry of Householders in the Subdist [sub-district?] of Knocknacarry
as revised in June 1886.
The following are said to have "gone to America"
John McCowan    Agolagh, Kilfeetrin     nephew of John McCormick
Alexander McNeill Altagore, Kilfeetrin  brother of Daniel McNeill
Kate Murphy     Aughnasillagh, Kilfeetrin grand-daughter of John Murphy
                                        "farmer" deceased
Mary McBride   Ballindam, Kilfeetrin    "cottier"
Daniel Mcbride    "              son of Mary McBride
Hugh McBride      "              son of Mary McBride
Kate McBride      "              daughter of Mary McBride
Charles McBride Ballycleagh, Culfeightrin son of Daniel McBride
Denis McKillop Ballinagh, Layde  son of Alex. [Alexander?] McKillop
                                        "farmer" deceased
Charles McKinley Coolranny, Culfeightrin son of Margaret McKinley
                                        "farmer" deceased
Margaret McKay  Corrymelagh, Culfeightrin daughter of Robert McKay "farmer"
Anne McLoughlan Cushendun, Culfeightrin  wife of Daniel McLoughlan "farmer"
Neal McLoughlan Cushendun, Culfeightrin  son of Daniel and Anne McLoughlan
Rose McLoughlan Cushendun, Culfeightrin  daughter of Daniel and Anne
Anne McLoughlan Cushendun, Culfeightrin  Daughter of Daniel and Anne
William Watt Cushendun, Culfeightrin  "Gardner"
Mathilda Do.    "           "         wife of William Watt
Sarah    Do.    "           "         daughter of William and Mathilda Watt
Name             Townland     Parish       Profession
John      Do.       "           "         son of William and Mathilda Watt "scholar"
Michael McKendry Farnamacallam [?], Culfeightrin son of Daniel McKendry
Catherine McKay Knocknacoliskey, Culfeightrin sister of Daniel McKay "General D. [Domestic?]
Daniel [---?]undy             Culfeightrin nephew of Daniel McKay
Denis Mc[--?]urdy Legadaughtan, Layde   servant of Patrick McAuley
The following are those who are said to have "gone to America" in the revised
lists for the years 1886 to 1909

Name             Townland    Parish      Profession
Patrick O'Connor Drumnamore, Layde    son of John O'Connor "farmer
Alex. [Alexander?] McKay Drumnamore, Layde son of Patrick McKay "publican"
Mary McKay       Drumnamore,   Layde  daughter of Patrick Mckay "publican.
                                      Gone to California.
Alex.            Dunurgan, Layde   son of Hugh McGavock
Andw. [Andrew?] McGavock                     "farmer"
Charles McKay    Dunurgan,   Layde  son of Bridget McKay
                                        "farmeress" (sic)
Patrick McKinley Knocknacoliskey, Culfeightrin son of Catherine McKinley
                                        "farmeress" (sic)
Mary McCurdy     Tornamoney, Culfeightrin  daughter of Alex.  McCurdy
                                           [Alexander?]  "farmer" deceased
Patrick McNeill  Tornamoney, Culfeightrin  son of Alex. McNeill  "farmer"
Robert O'Neill   Tornamoney, Culfeightrin    "farmer"
Chri[-----?] O'Neill Tornamoney, Culfeightrin "farmer"
Lizzie [Elizabeth?] McDonnell Altagore, Culfeightrin  daughter of Margaret
                                          McDonnell  "farmer