Loss of Ships John R. Skiddy & Albert Gallatin

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Document ID 9807314
Date 01-04-1850
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping News)
Archive Linenhall Library
Citation Loss of Ships John R. Skiddy & Albert Gallatin;The Belfast Commercial Chronicle, Wednesday, 10 April, 1850; CMSIED 9807314
  Loss of an American Packet Ship. - We regret to
announce that the magnificent packet ship, John R.
Skiddy, (Captain Shipley), which in her time stood
unrivalled for average quick passages, while on her
homeward voyage to New York from Liverpool, went
ashore on the night of the 1st instant on a point
of the coast of Wicklow. Through an unaccountable
stupidity (says our Liverpool correspondent) the
passengers (from whom the information is derived)
never thought of inquiring about the name of the
place; but from their confused statements we learn
that all the people got ashore in safety, save the
captain, the mates, and a few of the crew, who were
determined to stand by the ship, although no
responsible hope could be entertained that she
would be saved as she was almost full of water. It
is also reported that the Albert Gallatin, New York
packet, is ashore on the same coast - Daily News.
A letter received from Liverpool this evening
confirms the accounts of the wreck of the John R.
Skiddy, and also says the packet-ship Albert
Gallatin is ashore on the same coast - Times.