Passenger Lists, Deaths and Miscellaneous, 1810-1812.

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Document ID 9311433
Date 29-12-1810
Document Type Periodical Extracts
Archive Queen's University, Belfast
Citation Passenger Lists, Deaths and Miscellaneous, 1810-1812.;The Irish Genealogist, Vol. 6. No.4, 1983, pp. 370-377; No.5, 1984, pp. 497-507.; CMSIED 9311433
Extracts taken from an article published in:-
THE IRISH GENEALOGIST, Vol. 6, No.4, 1983, pp. 370-377; No.5,
1984, 495-507.  Notices taken from the Shamrock Newspaper of
New York 1810-1812:

I    Passenger Lists
II   Marriages in Ireland
III  Deaths in Ireland
IV   Miscellaneous

                   Extracted by John Devereaux Kernan.

     Extracts from 'The Shamrock or Hibernian Chronicle', a
weekly newspaper published in New York 1810-1817.  The Volume
from which the information is taken, is held in the Sterling
Library of Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.  However,
it is not complete, as 54 issues of the run are missing,
mainly in 1812.
I                       PASSENGER LISTS

     Contains ships passenger lists, as they appear, without
corrections, including names of emigrants, with original
place of residence.  The author has omitted thirteen
passenger lists as the origins of the emigrants were not

Vol.1, No. 3, Sat., Dec. 29, 1810.
A List of Passengers by the Ship Erin, Murphy, from Dublin.

Miss W. Larkin, co. Wexford.
Miss E. Walsh, co. Wexford.
John Barry, co. Louth.
Edward Furlong, co. Wexford.
Michael Butler, co. Wexford.
Mary Butler, co. Wexford.
Bridget Rigan, co. Wexford.
Bridget Byrnes, co. Louth.
John Byrnes, co. Louth.
Nicholas Byrnes, co. Louth.
C. Byrnes, Junior, co. Louth.
Francis Duffy, co. Monaghan.
Fergus Duffy, co. Monaghan.
Mary Walsh, co. Galway.
John Walsh (child) co. Galway.
William Ray, co. Cavan.
Mrs H. Bowles, co. Sligo.
John McMally, co. Meath.
Patrick Ryan, co. Wexford.
William Malvin, wife,
5 sons & 4 daughters, co. Cavan.
James West, co. Cavan.
John McBrien, co. Cavan.
Simon Horan, Mullicash.
Thomas Hearn, New York.
Owen Duffy, co. Monaghan.
Ann Wealther, Rathfarnam.
James Murphy, co. Louth.
John Giles, Bailboro. [Bailieborough?].
Andrew Waters, co. Wexford.
William Stewart, Belfast.
John Bishop, and wife, co. Dublin.
Patrick McCabe, co. Dublin.
James O'Brien, co. Meath.
Terence Farley, co. Cavan.
Isabella Plaus, co. Longford.
Joseph Manley, New York.
Emmanuel Toole, Dublin.
William Bleakly, Dublin.
John Fitzgerald, Dublin.
John Roberts, Dublin.
Darby Kelly, co. Meath.
Mathew Neall, and wife, co. Meath.
Edw. McGuiness, co. Meath.
Patrick Keally, Dublin.
John Thomas, Ballyhayes [co. Kildare?].
Thomas Hales, Glasstown [co. Cavan?].
Francis Leonard, Glasstown [co. Cavan?].
J. Cunningham, Sligo.
Christian Wogan, co. Dublin.
James Duffy, co. Cavan.
Wm. Floughsby, Dublin.

Vol. 1, No. 5, Sat. Jan. 12, 1811.
List of Passengers /Per the Harvey, Hide, from Belfast.

William Simpson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Mrs. John Speirs, Donegoare [Donegore?], Antrim.
William Davis, Blairis  [Blaris?], Down.
Robert Harvey,
Mrs. R. Harvey, Blairis [Blaris?], Down.
Leonard Dobbin, Killiman, Down.
Mrs. Dobbin, Killiman, Down.
Isaac Jenkinson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Mrs. Jenkinson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
James Jenkinson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Elizabeth Jenkinson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Isaac Jenkinson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Ann Jenkinson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Mrs. William Miller, Ahahill [Ahoghill?], Antrim.
William Davis, Hillsboro [Hillsborough?], Down.
James Coal, Drumboa [Drumboe?], Down.
Alley Coal, Drumboa [Drumboe?], Down.
J. Montgomery, Counmoney [Carnmoney?], Antrim.
Mrs. J. Kennedy, Donaghmore, Tyrone.
William Law, Kalmchie[?], Down.
John Aslein, Belfast, Antrim.
James Couples, Aughderg[?], Down.
Elizabeth Couples, Aughderg[?], Down.
Alex McMurray, Kelmore [Kilmore?], Armagh.
Hannah McMurray, Kelmore [Kilmore?], Armagh.
James Speirs, Donagoare [Donegore?], Antrim.
Samuel Anderson, Newtownards, Down.
John Walsh, Newtownards, Down.
Louisa Welsh, Newtownards, Down.
John McKenzie, Newtownards, Down.
H. Mulrea, Newtownards, Down.
James McCance, Newtownards, Down.
James Moore, Donaghmore, Tyrone.
John Brown, Lochgall [Loughall?], Antrim [Armagh?].
Francis Brown, Kelbroghts [Kilraghts?], Antrim.
David Bell, Lochgall [Loughall?], Antrim [Armagh?].
John Davidson, Lochgall [Loughall?], Antrim [Armagh?].
Mrs. W. Campbell, Blairis [Blaris?], Down.
Wm. Frances, Drumall, Antrim.
Martha Frances, Drumall, Antrim.
James Auld, Grange, Antrim.
Mary Auld, Grange, Antrim.
Robert Grendle, Kellmore [Kilmore?], Armagh.
Sarah Grendle, Kellmore [Kilmore?], Armagh.
William Coil, Daryluren [Derryloran?], Tyrone.
Peter Coil, Sarah Coil,
Rosa Coil, Daryluren [Derryloran?], Tyrone.
John McLanna, Daryluren [Derryloran?], Tyrone.
Thomas Lictson, Larne, Antrim.
Mary Lictson, Larne, Antrim.
Mary Harrison, Aughdary[?], Down.
John Harrison, Aughdary[?], Down.
John Liston, Kellmore [Kilmore?], Armagh.
Eliza Liston, Kellmore [Kilmore?], Armagh.
T. Anderson, Newtownards.
George Anderson, Newtownards.
Jennet Anderson, Newtownards.
Alex McKenzie, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Philip McKenzie, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.
Ralph McKenzie, Lochgall [Loughall?], Armagh.

Vol. 1. No. 16, Sat. Mar. 30, 1811.
     "We were led into error by the daily papers stating that
the Hannibal was the last from Cork; she never touched at
Cork after leaving Belfast, on the 2d January___we now annex
a list of her passengers, furnished by one of themselves".

Napshall Fendlay. Lesburn [Lisburn?].
Joseph Knox, Balleybay.
Peter Hughes, Balleybay.
Rob't McElwrath, wife
and one child, Hollowood [Holywood?].
Nathaniel Alsop, and wife, Sanfield [Saintfield?].
Geo. Brown, wife and
seven children, Banbridge.
John Carr, Hellesboro [Hillsborough?].
Henry Cochrane, Co. Mayo.
William Cochrane, Coun. Mayo.
Robert Cochrane, Co. Mayo.
Henry Drain, Coun. Antrim.
John Drain, Coun. Antrim.
John McFall, Portglenone.
Owen McPeak, Portglenone.
Jas. Hughes, Dublin.
James Connor, Lesburn [Lisburn?].
Patrick Garvin, Lesburn [Lisburn?].
Charles Davis, Armagh.
Charles Ferris, Armagh.
Patrick Mollin, wife
and 4 children, Armagh.
Wm. Ross, wife and
four children, Vernersbridge.

Vol. 1, No. 17, Sat. April 6, 1811.
List of Passengers per the perseverence, Capt. [Captain?]
Crawford, from Belfast.
Andrew Stewart, wife
and one child, Stewartstown.
George Wallace, Town of Antrim.
Hugh McMullan, County Down.
Moses Montgomery, wife
and 3 children, Killele [Kilkeel?].
Alexander White,, James
Nielson, Eliza'h [Elizabeth?] Nielson
and 1 child, Dromore.
James Martin, Bangor.
Alex Ritchie, Bangor.
William Donnelly,
Robert Thompson and wife, Belfast.
John Danwoody, Belfast.
W. Danwoody, Belfast
David Park, Mathew
McMurray, Belfast.
William Stewart, and
Alexan. [Alexander?], Dunsmurry [Dunmurry?].
Jane Stewart, Sen., Dunsmurry [Dunmurry?].
Jane Stewart, Jun., Dunsmurry[ Dunmurry?].
Andrew Kenmaer, Broom-Hedy[?].
Samuel Piper, Memeyre[?].
Robert Wilson, wife,
3 children, and
Elizabeth Wilson, Dunmuny [Dunmurry?].
Amongst these passengers are 10 weavers, 1 gardner
[gardener?], 1 miller, 1 bricklayer, 1 sadler [saddler?], 1
hosier, and 1 cooper.

N.B.  Three of the first are Cotton Weavers.

Vol. 1, No. 23, Sat. May 18, 1811.
Passengers per the Algernon, Clark, from Belfast.

Robert Lowry & family, Charlemont.
Alex Beally and family, Hillsborough.
Wm. and Eliza Armstrong, co. Down.
John Nielson and family, co. Down.
James Tate, Maze.
Robert Hasby, Maze.
James Kennedy, Halls Mill.
John and Mary Hamilton, Hillsborough.
James Amberson, Halls Mill.
John Gurley and family, Co. Down.
Hamilton McCullough, Co. Tyrone.
Edward Pepper and family, Moyallon [Moyallan?], [Co. Down?].
James and Sarah McConnell, Hill Hall [Co. Down?].
Richard Hines and family, Dromore.
Wm. Copeland and family, co.Down.
James Morrison and family, Armagh.
Ellen Tetterton, Robert Tetterton and family,
John Bonnel, Queen's County.
John Morrow, Banford.
Edward Dail and family, Rathfreland [Rathfriland?].
John Morrison, Magheragel [Magheragall?].
Sally Green, Lurgan.
John Lamb, Maze.
Robert and Rachel Kennedy, Banford.
Wm. Orr and family, Hill Hall [co. Down?].
John Orr and family, Hill Hall.
Mary Nixon, George Nixon and family, Kill
Ann Coin and children, Belfast.
Hobert Hall and family, Belfast.
Wm. Coborn and family, Kill-Warlin.
Henry McCurry, Mary McCurry, A. Carlton,
John Wall and family.
Easter Wall, Banbridge.
Samuel Gelison and family, co. Down.
Samuel Burns, Halls Mills.
Mary Sinton, Moyallon [Moyallen?], [co. Down?].
James Camble, Ballynahinch.
James Deek, Agnus Deek, Ballynahinch.
John Smith, Susan Smith, Ballynahinch.
George Thompson, Belfast.
John Maguinis, Isabella Maguinis, co.
James Maharg, co. Down.
Sarah McMahon, Dromore.
Joseph Mark, Dromore.

     Of these passengers there are 42 under 10 years of age,
38 between 10 and 20 years of age, 36 between 20 and 30 years
of age, 19 between 30 and 40 years of age, 8 between 40 and
50 years of age, 5 between 50 and 60 years of age./148.

Vol. 1, No. 27, Sat. Jun. 15, 1811.
Passengers by the ship Africa, John E. Scott, Master, from
Belfast, arrived June 9th.
George Roberts, Armagh.
Samuel McCammar, Armagh.
William Murphy, Monagher [Monaghan?].
John Hawthorn, Belbkiel[?].
Agnes Hawthorn, Belbkiel[?].
David Scott, Belbkiel[?].
Margaret Scott, Belbkiel[?].
John Logan, Belbkiel[?].
Jacob Pierson, Armagh.
Margaret Moffit, Armagh.
James Rock, Armagh.
Mary Rock, Armagh.
Joseph Bridget and family, Balleck [Belleek?].
John McCullaugh and family, Carmery[?].
William Heson, Carmery[?].
William Spratt, Carmery[?].
Mary Spratt, Carmery[?].
William Shaw, Billamegary [Ballymagarry?], [Co. Antrim?].
Margaret Shaw, Billamegary [Ballymagarry?], [Co. Antrim?].
John Porter, Billamegary [Ballymagarry?], [Co. Antrim?].
Eliza Fulton, Lisburn.
Sealton Fulton, Lisburn.
Andrew Martin, Kilmore.
John Morrow, Monaghan.
Ellen Morrow, Monaghan.
Jane Morrow, Monaghan.
John Finlay, Monaghan.
James Cowser, Monaghan.
William McCaird, Monaghan.
Sophia Cowser, Armagh.
Eliza Cowser, Armagh.
Jane Clager, Armagh.
Hugh O'Ray.
John Gruir and family, Belfast.
Robert Moore, Dungannon.
Eliza Moore, Dungannon.
Thomas Moore and family, Rathfriland.
Thomas Calvin, Rathfriland.
William Forcade and family, Belfast.
James White, Belfast.
Robert Burk, Belfast.
Edward Hazleton, Belfast.
James Morgan and family, Belfast.
George Patterson, Belfast.
Eliza Thompson, Belfast.
Maria Thompson, Belfast.
Henry Moore, Rathfriland.
Mary Moore, Rathfriland.
John Patterson, Belly Keell [Ballykeel?].
Arthur Shee, Rathfriland.
William Willis, Dungannon.
Felix Farren, Dungannon.
Margaret Willis, Dungannon.
Sally Farren, Dungannon.
James Farren, Dungannon.
Thomas Kelly, Dungannon.
Molly Kelly, Dungannon.
Hugh Cunningham, Rathfriland.
Michael McAnorney, Rathfriland.
Patrick Maney, Rathfriland.
Jans McFaden, Hillsborough.
John Buchanon, Carrickfergus.
Samuel Irvine and family, Dungannon.
William Gatt, Dungannon.
John McCartney, Loughbrickland.
Nancy McCarty, Loughbrickland.
James Bodd, Loughbrickland.
James McCartney, Loughbrickland.
Martha Heron, Loughbrickland.
James Herker, Belfast.
William Quail and family, Downpatrick.
William Stockdale, Downpatrick.
Jane Stockdale, Downpatrick.
Jane Warren, Belfast.
Hugh Warren, Belfast.
Ann Aiken, Dromore.
Jane Aiken, Dromore.
John Cleland, Lisburn.
Wm. Armstrong, Down.
Arabella Armstrong, Down.
Wm. Armstrong, Down.
Eleanor Blaney, Down.
Joseph Patterson, Down.
David Patterson and family, Down.
Mary Patterson, Down.
Wm. Willis, Down.
Sarah Thompson, Down.
John Thompson, Down.
James Thompson, Down.
George Thompson, Down.
Joseph Thompson, Down.
John Hodgson, Down.
John Lockat, Down.
John Fulton, Down.

Vol. 1.No. 28, Sat. Jun. 22, 1811.
List of Passengers per Brig Patty, Capt.[Captain?] Sawer,
from Newry arrived at Philadelphia, Sunday 16th June, 1811.
William Nelson and family, Drumduff.
John Nelson and family, Drumduff.
John Marks and family, Armagh.
Thos. Gorman and family, Castlyblany [Castleblayney?].
H. McQuillin & family, Downpatrick.
William Seed, Dowmpatrick.
James English, Downpatrick.
Richard Corney, Downpatrick.
Elizabeth Donnell, Armagh.
William Davis, Coleraine.
James Sweeney, Londonderry.
[?] Ferguson, Belfast.

Vol.1, No.32, Sat. Jul. 20, 1811.
List of Passengers per Brig Isaac, captain Delano, 60 days
from Cork, arrived at Philadelphia, Sunday, 14th July.

Charles Harding, Cork.
Michael Callaghan, Killarney.
Mr. Wall, Clonmell.
Capt. [Captain?], Philadelphia, U.S.
Mrs. Long, Philadelphia, U.S.
George Davis, Philadelphia, U.S.
John Nicholas & family, Doneraile.

Vol. 1, No. 36, Sat. Aug. 17, 1811
List of Passengers per Brig Juno, 56 days from Belfast to
this port.

David Young, Nigh Charlemont.
John Malcomson, Portadown.
James McGlonan, Ballymoney.
Ann McGlonan, Ballymoney.
Mary McGlonan, Ballymoney.
Nathaniel McGlonan, Ballymoney.
Edward Winters, Portadown.
Mary Winters,__wife, Portadown.
Arthur Hughes, Belfast.
John Stream, Nigh Dromore.
Edward Glenfuld, Lisburn.
Robert Miller, Dungannon.
Matty Miller, Dungannon.
John Derragh, Kilrea.
Elizabeth Derragh, Kilrea.
Ellen Derragh__ child, Kilrea.
#PAGE 10
John Pooler, Armagh.
Wm. Trimble, Nigh Armagh.
James Fullam, Maghuafelt [Magherafelt?].
Ann Fullam, Maghuafelt [Magherafelt?].
W. McMurray, Nigh Kilrea.
Nancy McMurray, Nigh Kilrea.
Two children of [the above?]. Nigh Kilrea.
John Kerr, Nigh Kilrea.
Rachel Kerr, his wife, Nigh Kilrea.
Four children of [the above?]. Nigh Kilrea.
Neil McNeill, Belfast.
Hugh Spratt, Belfast.
John Gurry, Nigh Downpatrick.
His wife, Nigh Downpatrick.
Wm. Law, Belfast.

* Hill Tallerton, Nigh Soldierstown.
* Robert Watson, Nigh Soldierstown.
* Patrick Hagan, Castledawson.
* Mathew Shaw, Nigh Connor.
* Patrick McCreely, Armagh.
    Those with asterisk were pressed by the Strok sloop of
    war when seven days out.

Vol. 1, No.41, Sat. Sep.21, 1811.
List of Passengers by the ship Maria, Duplex, 54 days from

James Gray, county Antrim.
James Bennett, county Armagh.
Dennis Carrall, county Tyrone.
John McBride, wife and family,
county Down.
Andrew Morran and wife, co. Down.
John Walsh and wife, Dublin.
Mrs. Bryson, Belfast.
John Barr, Ballinahinch [Ballynahinch?].
Miss Mary Rodgers, Belfast.
Miss Susanna Bowen, Belfast.
William Quale, Downpatrick.
Patrick Kelly, Dublin.

Vol. No. 43, Oct.3, 1811.
James Hannah and family.
John Bacon and family.
[?] Martin and family.
[?] Moran and family.
#PAGE 11
[?] Cannon and family.
William Kennedy and wife.
[?] Coe and sister.
Denis O'Brien.
James Mulony.
Mary McManus.
* John Burke, near Mullingar.
* Edward Smith, near Drogheda.

(Those marked thus * were impressed by the Spartan

Vol. 1, No. 49, Sat. Nov. 16, 1811.
List of Passengers per the ship Erin from Dublin.

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Robinson,
   Queen's County.
Mr. Cornelius Smith, Manoch county [?].
John Lynch, Navan.
William Gibbons of Ohio
Thomas Neil, Dublin.
James Harrold, Dublin.
David and Dennis Doyle, Dublin.
Mrs. Cooper, Dublin.
Mrs. Riley, County Wexford.

Vol.1, No. 50. Sat. Nov. 23, 1811.
Passengers by the ship Westpoint, T. Holden, master, from
Robert Hunter, New York.
James White, N.L.Vady [Newtown Limavady?].
Bernard McCusker, Omagh.
John Hemphill and family, Dugh Budge[?].
John Wawb, Castlefin.
David Doak, Fannit [Fanit?].
Susanna McDermot and family, Derry.
Francis Gillespie, Ballyshannon.
Daw Griffin, Fannit [Fanit?].
William Rafferty, Gawagh [Garvagh?].
Patrick McVeigh, Campsey  [Campsie?].
William Thompson, Carrick,
Robert Henry, Colerain [Coleraine?].
James Martin, N. L. Vady [Newtown Limavady?].
John Martin, N. L. Vady [Newtown Limavady?].
Patrick Cartan and family, Claudy.
Alex Thompson and family, Lewck [Leck?].
Alex Brown and family Aughanwerry.
#PAGE 12
Robert O'Neill and family, Co. Antrim.
John Crampsier, Magilligar [Magilligan?].
Donaldson Black and family, Co. Tyrone.
Eleanor McCready, Gortward.
Wm. McCready, Gortward.
John McCready, Gortward.
John Graham, Kilrea.
Thomas Hutchinson, Kilrea.
Joseph Douglas, Kilrea.
Thomas Martin, Kilrea.
Daw, Kelley, Ballintrea.
Ann Coulter, Co. Derry.
Sarah Coulter, Co. Derry.
Patrick Divin, Ballyshannon.
Hugh Coulter, Pettego [Pettigo?].
Hugh Stevenson, Donegal.
Mr. Cochran, Ballymoney.
Joseph McCoy and family, Florinscourt [Florencecourt?].
Catherine Kelley, Fannit [Fanit?].
Edward McMennomy, Ballybofey.
John Kelley, Ballybofey.
John Hilton, Gawagh [Garvagh?].
Edward Dougherty, Gauakeel[?]
Robert Johnston, Pettego [Pettigoe?]
Francis Johnston, Pettego [Pettigoe?]
Alex. McAlvin and family, co. Antrim.
Samuel Moorhead, co. Antrim.
John Jack, co. Antrim.
James O'Donnell, Rushey[?]
Ann Donaghey, Roeman[?]
Patrick Froster, Straban [Strabane?]
George Kirk, Mountcharles.
George McKee, Mountcharles.
James Love, Donagheda. [Donaghadee?]
Nancey Watson, Ray.
David Hunter, Omagh.
James C. Sproul, Stranoria.[?]
Eliza Paul, Omagh.
John Hunter, N. L. Vady. [Newtown Limavady?]
Farguis McGaughrin, Donegall [Donegal?]
John Cummings, Ballymoney.
Paul Boggs, New York.
Luke Flynn, Co. Cavan.
John O'Neill, Co. Cavan.
Ann Masterson, Co. Cavan.
Elizabeth Hastings, Co. Cavan.
Edward McMinimin, Castlefin.
#PAGE 13
Nancy McKagh, Castlefin.
Hugh McElwin, Dromore.
Hugh Catherwood, Colerain [Coleraine?]
Neal Janga, Castlefin.

Vol. 2, No.39. Sat. Aug. 29, 1812.
Passengers per the Brig Narind, capt.[captain?] James
Stewart, from Newry, arrived at New York, August, 14 1812.

[?] Brennan, Tanderagee.
Margaret Brennan, Tanderagee.
Thomas Monaghan and family, Tanderagee.
Thomas Reed, Richell [Richhill?]
Alex Irwin, Aughnacloy.
Jno. Patterson & wife, Castleshane.
Arthur Patterson, Castleshane.
Jane Patterson, Castleshane.
James Murphy, Castleblaney.
Robert Farley, Castleblaney.
Pat Trainor, Newry.
Wm. Dallaney, Bambridge [Banbridge?]
John Dellaney, Bambridge [Banbridge?]
Hugh Coin, Armagh.
Robert Wilson, Armagh.
John Moore, Armagh.
Wm. Know & wife, Rathfriland.
Ruth Best & family, Gilford.
Elizabeth McGaffin, Gilford.
Elizabeth Lockhard and family, Castleblaney.
James White & family, Castleshone [Castleshane?]
William Slone & family, Rathfriland.
Samuel Moore, Rathfriland.
Pat Hagan & wife, Dungannon.
Bernard Brennan, Castleshone [Castleshane?]
Ann Robison, Castleshane.
Samuel Gillespie & family, Ardaghy.
Pat Kelly, Monaghan.
John Kelly, Monaghan.
Thos. Wood, Monaghan.
Wm. Fauls & wife, Henedy.[?]
Miss Welsh, Dungannon.
And. Caldwell & wife, Rathfriland.
Thomas Crusley, Rathfriland.
John Quin, Keady.
George Mills, New York.
#PAGE 14
Vol. 2, No. 40, Sat. Sep. 12, 1812.
List of Passengers, per the schooner Eunice, Capt. [Captain?]
John Peters, arrived in New York.

Ann Clark and family, Dunbar.
Henry Dougherty, Glansooly.
David Taylor and family, Mocheelon.
John Guthry and family, Drunschool.
Biddie Rice, Ballybay.
Mary Kane, Ballycastle.
John Kean, Ballycastle.
Patrick Dougherty, Glansooly.
Margaret Chambers, Taboyne.
Nancy McGowan, Taboyne.
Sarah McGowan, Taboyne.
John McGee, Taboyne.
Hugh Nelis, Taboyne.
Joseph Finniston, Toombridge [Toomebridge?]
Ann Finniston, Toombridge [Toomebridge?]
Patrick Gallaugher, Mountgaulin.
Margaret Magee, Raphoe.
Catharine Magee, Raphoe.
James Kyle, Brakey.
William Snodgrass, Colraine [Coleraine?]
John McClelland, Carnamay.
Thomas Kirkwood, Ballymoney.
Thomas Kirkwood, jun., Ballymoney.
Andrew Bratton, Drumschool.

III       Late deaths in Ireland (and elsewhere)

Vol. 1, No. 3, Sat. Dec. 29, 1810.
On board the ship Erin, 3 weeks previous to her arrival at
   this port, Mr. Patrick Walsh, aged 22, son of Mr. John
   Walsh, gardener of this city.

Vol. 1, No. 6, Sat., Jan. 19, 1811.
The following persons, natives of Ireland, died in the New
    York Hospital in the months of November and December.
    Catherine Fenning, consumption, mar.[married?]
    James Pierce, seaman, consumption.
    Robert Stevenson, boatman, consumption.
Vol. 1, No. 10, Sat. Feb. 16, 1811.
Died on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock of a consumption, in
   the 31st year of his age, Mr. Ignatious Redmond, of this
   city, a native of Ireland, descended of a most respectable
#PAGE 15
Vol. 1, No. 24, Sat. May 25, 1811.
Sincerely regretted by a numerous family Mrs. McClenaghan,
wife of Mr. John McClenaghan, of this city.
Vol. 1, No. 26, Sat. June 8, 1811.
In Dublin, on the 6th April, Mrs. Ann Reynolds, (refers to
   her native city and former residence here i.e. New York).
Vol. 1, No. 27, Sat. June 19, 1811
At the house of Mr. Richard McIllwaine [McIlwaine?],
   Mrs. McIlwaine, aged 73.
Vol.1, No. 32, Sat. July 20, 1811
Drowned_ On Wednesday morning, the 10th inst. on his passage
   from this city to Newbraugh, George Ash, a native of
   Ireland...  The deceased had a wife and child on board the
   sloop at the time of his death.

DIED in this city, suddenly, Mr. James Bond, aged 26, son of
   Mr. Wm. Bond, Bond-Glen, near Strabane,
In this city, in the thirtieth year of his age, Mr. Sheldon
   Usher, a native of the city of Dublin and original
   manufacturer of those justly celebrated mineral waters,
   now in such high esteem. Mr. Usher left a widow in
   Philadelphia, who, it is expected, will shortly be a
   mother a second time, and one infant of two years to mourn
   their irreparable loss...  To his Kinsman and partner, Mr.
   Luke Usher, he has left copious instructions for the
   management of the business...
Vol. 1, No. 36, Sat. Aug. 17, 1811
Yesterday, in the Chapel-house of Francis-street, the Rev.
   Richard Sheridan, aged 77 years - after 52
   years in the Priestly order, of which near 43 were spent
   in Francis-street parish...
Vol.1, No. 43, Sat., Oct. 5, 1811
In the 76th year of her age, Mrs. Kerr, relict of Mr. Henry
   Kerr, of Cottage..
Vol. 1, No. 46, Sat., Oct. 26, 1811

DIED, At his plantation near Gongaree, on the 7th inst. in
  the 60th year of his age James Mis. Campbell esq.
   Lieut. [Lieutenant?] Colonel of the 22d regiment of the
   militia of this state, and a senator in the legislature
   from St. Mathew's Parish - This gentleman was born in the
   county of Down in Ireland, but had resided in this state
   forty-three years...(active in the Am. [American?]
   revolution)...  Charls. [Charleston?] City Gaz.
#PAGE 16
Vol. 1, No. 48, Sat. Nov. 9, 1811
Died, suddenly on Saturday last, at No.24 Water-street, Mr.
   Edward Martin, a late passenger in the Brig Swift, from
   Dublin, capt. [captain?] Hitchins.  He only arrived the
   day previous to his decease... He was a coach spring maker
   and born in the county of Killarney...

Vol.1, No.52, Sat. Dec.7, 1811.
DIED, on the 2d instant, of a pulmonary complaint, GEORGE
   DOBBIN... aged about 35 years. He has left a wife and
   three children... He was a native of Ireland... Balt.
   [Baltimore?] Sun.

Vol. II, No. 37. Whole No. 88, Sat. Aug. 15, 1812
In the 55th year of his age, Mr. Roger Nowlan merchant of the
   merchant's quay...

In Waterford, Mr. Mathew Scott, formerly a very eminent
   merchant in Carrick-on-Suir...  He emigrated to America...
   He lately returned to Waterford... he took the resolution
   of terminating his misfortunes by an act of suicide. (his
   trials as a Catholic during the 1798 troubles described).
Vol. II, No. 42 - Whole No. 94. Sat. Sep. 26, 1812.
DIED  In Savannah, of a fever, on the 7th instant, Mr. James
   Thompson Lawrence, aged 58 years, and of unblemished
   reputation. He was a native of Coleraine, in Ireland, and
   for more than 28 years a respectable inhabitant of that

On the 1st inst. Mr. Peter O'Connor, a resident of Savannah
   and a native of Ireland.

Departed this life, in Natchez (Mississippi Territory) on the
   15th August ult Captain David Beckett, of the "Natchez
   Volunteers"... he has left a wife alike lovely and amiable
   and a beautiful babe..  Mr. Beckett was a native of
   Ireland and a few years since an inhabitant of Petersburgh
   (Va.) [Virginia?]
Petersburgh, Sept. 22, 1812.

Vol. II, NO. 43 -Whole No.95. Sat. Oct. 3, 1812
DIED on Thursday, the 17th inst. of the fever of the climate,
   Mr. James Philips, aged 32 years, a native of Ireland...
Sav. Rep. [Savannah Reporter?]
#PAGE 17
DIED on the 15th inst. Mr. John Martin, a native of Ireland,
but for some time a resident of this place.  He has left a
disconsolate widow and child... ibid.

IV                      MISCELLANEOUS
   Section IV contains 'personal ads' mainly placed by
persons trying yo find friends or relatives in America.

Vol. 1. No. 8, Sat. Feb. 2, 1811
    The Hon. [Honourable?] Colonel Fraser, son of our worthy
Chancellor of the Exchequer, is about to receive the hand of
Miss Skeffington, of Belfast, who is heiress of the whole of
the Massareene estates in Ireland.

Vol.1, No.18, Sat. Apr. 13, 1811
    Any person possessing a knowledge of MR. JOHN
GRIFFIN, or his place of residence, who arrived in the city
about 6 years ago from Ireland, is requested to give
information by letter or otherwise, to the Editor of this
paper.  J. Griffin is about 30 years of age, and by profession
a taylor [tailor?]. - This enquiry is made at the request of
his brother, Mr. Edward Griffin, who lately arrived in this
country from Londonderry.                        April 13.

Vol. 1, No. 23, Sat. May 18, 1811
    If Mr. ROBERT MCCRACKEN, who arrived from Ireland in the
Protection calls at this office her [he?] will receive some
information concerning himself from a friend of his in
Halifax, North Carolina.
                                                 May 18.

Vol.1. No. 36, Sat. August 17, 1811
    Any person who is, or has been acquainted with Mr. James
Brown, formerly of Gobnaskale parish of Donaghedy and county
of Tyrone, Ireland, will please to transmit what they know of
him to his nephew John Brown, at Ramapo, Rockland county,
N.Y., or to the editor of this paper.  The last
information of Mr. Brown was that he resided about 20 years
since at Petersburgh, and ws [was?] then in the habit of
shipping flour to West Florida.  If living he is now aged
about 65 years.  Sincere thanks will be due to any person who
may write respecting him as above directed.
                                                 July 6.
Vol. 1. No.40, Sat. 14, 1811
    INFORMATION WANTED. If R. K. DOWLING a native of Queen's
County, Ireland, and who is lately resided in New York, but
some of his friends have reason to think that he now resides
#PAGE 18
in Pennsylvania, this is to apprize [apprise?] him that his
wife and son has arrived in New York, and anxiously wishes to
know his address. Any of his friends will console the
afflicted by sending his address to the editor of the
Shamrock, 24 William-street.
                                                 Sept. 14.

Vol. 1. No. 41, Sat. Sep. 21, 1811
    John McCracken, lately from Belfast, offers his services
to the public as a wood turner in general...

Vol. 1. No. 47, Sat. Nov. 2. 1811
     Thomas Ennis Morin, carpenter who arrived in this city
last fall, is hereby informed that his wife and child have
arrived lately from Dublin, and are now residing No. 80
Ferry-street, where they request him to write directed care
of Mr. Thos. [Thomas?] Waters.
                                                  Oct. 26.

Vol. 1. No. 52, Sat. Dec. 7, 1811
   If any person can give information of JOHN DUNN, a native
of Ireland, who shipped on board the U.S. frigate John Adams,
in this port, on 1st of April, 1805, then bound for Tripoli;
but was but on board the U.S. schooner Enterprize, either at
Gibralter [Gibraltar?] or Malta, and was said to have returned
to Norfolk and died in the Marine Hospital, about two years
ago.  If any intelligence can be given of him, and left at
this office, will be gratefully acknowledged by his wife.
                                                MARY DUNN

Vol. II. No. 4. Sat. Jan.4, 1811
   Any person acquainted with Messrs John James and Ross
McGuire, or either of them, who emigrated to this country
from Cole Island [Coalisland?], county Tyrone, Ireland about
16 years ago, will please drop a line to that effect,
addressed to the editor of this paper.  This enquiry is made
at the request of Ross McGuire, son to John McGuire, who
lately arrived in this country.
Jan. 4.

Vol. II. No. 37, Sat. August 15, 1812
   JOHN MORRIN, a carpenter and son of George Morrin, of
Londonderry, arrived in Philadelphia in the year 1808, per
the ship Eliza, captain Church.  It is understood he resided
#PAGE 19
lately in Baltimore.  He is requested to make his place of
residence known to Mr. John Gillespy, corner of Lombard and
Ninth streets, Philadelphia, for the information of his
sister Sarah who resides near that city.
                                                July 25

Vol. II. No. 39, Sat. August 29, 1812
   MR. ROBERT SEATON, lived in Ballibofey, north of Ireland,
and removed to this country, supposed to some part of
Pennsylvania about the year 1792...

   JOHN GRIER, a native of Ireland, county of Armagh, parish
of Derrynoose, and townland of Roghan, who sailed from
Londonderry on board the ship John Atkinson in July 1811,
bound for Philadelphia.  Any person giving information of
said John by a line addressed to his brother Joseph Grier, at
Kingston falls, Ulster county, State of New-York, will be
gratefully acknowledged.
                                                Aug. 29

Vol. II, No. 40. Sat. Sep. 12, 1812
   ABOUT Fifteen years ago, two families, one of them of the
name of Menaghan, the other of the name Mallowney, from the
city of Limerick, arrived in New-York per a ship commanded by
Capt. [Captain?] Collins.  Any person that can give
information where either of those families may be found, will
have the goodness to signify the same by a line addressed to
John Murphy, care of Strong & Brown, Boston, which will be
thankfully acknowledged.
Sep. 12. 1811