Family Tree Relating to the Brown Family of Ballywalter

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Document ID 108022
Date 10-10-1796
Document Type Family Papers
Archive F. W. Brown
Citation Family Tree Relating to the Brown Family of Ballywalter;Copyright Retained by Mr Frederick Brown; CMSIED 108022
Part of the Frederick Brown Collection

The following is a list of names and dates relating to
the Brown family tree.
  Nancy McBurney, born 10 October, 1796
Betty Elizabeth Parkin nee Burney, 19 February, 1812
James Parkin born 17 October 1812
Hannah Caughey
James Burney, 16 May, 1800
Willie Dickson, born 10 December 1893 Lily Marquerette Brown 7 August 1796
John McBurney 12 June,[1818?]
Michael McBurney, 4 August, 1767
Jain [Jane?] McBurney
Jane Josephine Ballence born 22 October, 1898
David Brown 30 September, 1869
Jane Burney born Ballyligan 26 September 1831
Alex Martin Blacksmith, son of George Martin, 15 May, 1852.
Sarah Martin, 17 December 1867
Agnes Burney, Born Ballywalter, 19 January 1833
James Brown, Ballyblack, born 22 June 1832
Margot McBurney
William John Brown born Ballywalter 11 May, 1860
Elizabeth Brown born Ballywalter 16 December 1866
Jane Brown born Ballywalter, 25 September, 1865
James McClements, Ballyhalbert, born 27 February, 1890
Johnnie Brown born Ballywalter, 3 July 1870
Mrs Bailie nee Lizzie Kelly, 7 October 1896
Hannah Brown born Ballywalter, 27  March, 1866
Robert Dickson born 22 April [1818?]
James Brown born Ballywalter died at Pueblo U.S.A. 24 November 1904
Jessie Kennedy, Castlewellan, born 27 November, 1866
Samuel Brown, born Ballywalter, 13 November, 1875
Jeannie Hastings
Willie Brown, born Ballywalter, 21 October, 1879 died in Durban
Ina Dodds cousin of F.W.J. Brown
Alexander Brown born Ballywalter, 12 August 1873 went to Canada 1923
Eliza McCune, Ballyboley, Greyabbey
Robert McClements, Ballyhalbert
Agnes Mawhinney, Ballyhalbert
Mary Carlton Ballyhalbert
Jean Cairns
David McClements,  Portaferry died 7 March 1926 aged 19
Jeannie McGhie Scotland  22 December, 1901
Agnes Magill, Ringboy, Kirkiston, 1906
James Brown Ringboy, Kirkiston 1908
John Brown, Ringboy, Kirkiston died November 1910, Allegheny U.S.A.
Willie Dickson  died U.S.A. leaving no issue
Jeannie Brown
Agnes Brown   17 May 1885
Lily Brown 17 July 1886
Daisy Brown
James Brown
Donald Brown
Frederick William James Brown, 6 St Patrick's Ave, Coleraine
Nessie Elis Powell, 125 Hillcrest Rd., Orpington, Kent
James Caughey, Baptist [Baptised?] Ballyligan, C.I. 24 August, 1813
James & Jane Caughie
Francis Caughey, [Ballyobigan?] born 1790 died 22 December, 1885
Jane McWhir died 9 December 1875 aged 80 years.
Margaret Caughey married James Caughey, son of Robert Caughey, Ballyhalbert
Ellen Jane Caughey married Robert McFerran, Newtownards, 17 August, 1847
Margaret Caughey married William Caughey son of Robert Caughey, Ballyhalbert
Alice Caughey married James Johnston Ballyobigan, 27 November, 1858
Hannah Caughy, Ballyobigan married Samuel Caughey son of George Caughey
James Caughey Ballyobigan
Francis Caughey, born April, 1839 married Margaret Caughey, Roddens.
Mary Ann Caughey married John Price son of John Price of Balligan
Frank Caughey, son of James Caughey Ballyobigan married Lizzie Dickson of Ganaway
Sarah Jane Caughey, Ballywalter, died 30 September 1965 aged 84 years