Will Proved for John Doak, Kinallen.

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Document ID 9602056
Date 11-03-1788
Document Type Official Documents
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Will Proved for John Doak, Kinallen.; PRONI D 682/9; CMSIED 9602056
In the Name of God amen. I John Doak of Kinallen in the County
of Down farmer do make this my last Will and Testament I leave
to Elizabeth Spiers Twenty Pounds ster [sterling?]: including the
three Guineas I [passed?] my note for to her I order my funeral
Expences [Expenses?] the said Legacy and all my just debts to be
paid by my Executors hereafter named & that they shall sell and
dispose of to the best advantage the whole of the crop and produce
thereof to pay said Debts funeral Expences [expenses?] and legacy
all the remainder of my Goods and Chattles of every kind I leave &
bequeath & give to margaret McKee to be paid her in four years after
my Death I give and Devise to my said Wife Ten acres of my said farm
in Kinallan [Kinallen?] aforesaid with all the Houses Gardens and
appurtenances thereunto belonging which I now occupy and have occupied
for many years During her Life or Widowhood but in case she shall
marry after my Decease my Will is that she shall not thereafter Enjoy
the same but that the farm shall go to the [Dev--ees?] hereafter
named they paying her the Sum of Thirty Pounds Ster. [sterling?]. I give
& devise to my nephews Joseph Thompson Robert Thompson & Samuel
Thompson that part of my said farm in Kinallen aforesaid lately
occupied by the Revd [Reverend?] James Birch and also the [Reversion?]
of Ten Acres of Said farm above devised to my Said Wife during her
Life or Widowhood. To hold them their Heirs & Assigns [assignees?]
as Tenants incommon and not as Joint Tenants thus paying the legacys
hereafter mentioned which [I?] [order?] my said farm to be subject
to and chargeable with and all rent and [time?] for Renewal due
thereout together with fifteen pence an acre for the tithe of
said farm During my present Bargain to be paid in equal
Proportions by the said Joseph Robert and Samuel. I charge all my
said farm with the Sum of Thirty Pounds to be paid to my said
Wife in case the shall intermarry with any person after my
decease and also change said farm with the sum of twenty pounds
to be paid in five years after my Decease and also Charge said
farm with the Sum of twenty Pounds to be paid in five years after
my Death to such of the Sons of my late Nephew John Thompson Deceased
as shall be then living share and share alike and also with the sum
of five pounds sterl [sterling?] to their sister Elizabeth and I give
& devise to their sister Mary from the house and garden she now occupies
during her life remains to the said Joseph, Robert & Samuel as
aforesaid I order that my said devises shall not sell or dispose
of said  premises except to each other I hereby revoke all
former wills by me made and appoint my said wife and Samuel Doak
the younger of Kinallen Mill my Executors In Witness
whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this Eleventh
Day of March 1788 Eighty Eight. John Doak  Lynd Sealed published
subscribe our names hereto James Birch [Crane?] Brush Thomas