Pedigree Notes on the Savages of Ardkeen & Glastry

		                        Pedigree of Savage of [Ardkeen?], Co.

A.D. 1196  Raymond  (A follower of John de Courcy in the
           Savage    conquest of Ulster. Erected the Castle
                     of [Ardkeen?] in the Barony of the
                     Ardes [Ards?], which became the seat of the
                     family till A.D. 1823, when his
                     descendant Francis Savage died without
                     issue and left the Estate of [Ardkeen?]
                     to Cayton Bagly Esq. who assumed by
                     Royal Patent the name and [----?] of
                     Savage, d. [died?] 17th Oct. 1837

Sir Philip Savage, kt. built the Castle of Lissanore
on Lough-Guile.

A.D. 1300  Sir Robert Savage, kt., died A.D. 1360, leaving issue
 of Lissanoire [Lisanore?] Castle

His son & successor - Sir Henry Savage, kt. (who was summoned to
Parliament by writ as Baron of the Ardes [Ards?] in A.D. 1374.
(See 48 Vol. III) And also in 1377, 1380, & 1832)

Sir Robert [Fitzgibbon?] Savage, kt. (was titled the Sheriff, or
the Lord, of the Ardes [Ards?], by patent of Henrt IV in A.D.

Sir Robert Savage - (The Lord of Lecale in A.D. 1468, in which
year he was besieged by the O'Neills.)

Raymond (Sir Roland) Julius Jericho (?) - He was acknowledged by

indenture in Public Records made by the Deputy Leonard Grey
dated 31 May, 1538, to be the Chief of his Clan in the territory

of the Savages otherwise called Lecale.)

Sir Roland Savage (alias [Jericho?])
Lord of Lecale, Seneschal of Ulster. [____?] 1482 d. [died?]
b. [born?] probably in 1450

Raymond, Lord of Lecale and Ardkeen. between whom and
Roland of Portaferry the Little Ards were divided in 1559.

Ferdorough Savage of Ardkeen

Jenkin a-Bui Savage of Ardkeen or Janico the fair-haired

Elder Ferdorough

2 Jenkin Boy or "Fairhaired" Jenkin

3 Roland of [Ballygalget?]

(?) (the Son and successor of Jenico Bui was left a minor at the

death of his father about A.D. 1600, under the Wardship of his
relative Roland Savage.)

1. Henry Savage, Esq. in A.D. 1644, was granted by King Charles
the Patent of the Estates of Ardkeen.
= 1. Elise, daughter of Lord O'Neill in 1628, who died in 1629
must be incorrect as he mentions in his will "daughters of his
[faded] [faded]".
2. Elizabeth [Nevin?], daughter of the Laird of [Monksoldier?],
& niece of Viscountess Montgomery.

2. Richard Savage = dau. [daughter?] of [---?] Nevin, Laird of
[Monksoldier?] (sister to the wife of his brother)

1. Alison (daughter) referred to by Henry in his will as
"my sister Alison of Savage"

1. John Savage
2. Hugh
3. James
4. Richard
1. Joan
2. Elizabeth

John Savage (who is named in Hugh's will)

Hugh Savage, Esq of Ardkeen   = Lucy, dau. [daughter?] of
(will d. [died?] 31st July    Francis Lucas, Esq. of Castle
1723, d. [died?] 1723 Proved  [Slane?], Co. Monaghan Sister
19th June, 1724. Wounded in   of Francis &  Edward Lucas Esq.
the Battle of the Boyne and   Died 13 Au. , 1751 will dated
at Augharain [Aughrim?])      31st Aug. 1751   Proved 29th
                              Nov, 1751.

1. Francis Savage, of Ardkeen, Esq. = Mary, daughter of Edward
eldest son & heir. Will d. 14th       Lucas, of Castle [Slane?],
July, 1770, Proved 7th Sept. 1770     in the Co. Monaghan, Esq,
                                      Married in 1723 Licence
                                      dated Nov, 1751. 1st Feby.

2. Philip Savage of Rock Savage,  = Jane, 3rd dau. [daughter?]
in the Co of Down, Esq. 2nd son   of  [Ball-----?] [-----?], of
b. [born?] 1696, d. [died?] 27th  [Bally-----?] in Co. of
Oct. 1780. Will d. 9th July 1773  Kilkenny, Esq.
Proved 15th Nov. 1781

3. Charles Savage will d. 20th Oct 1740. Proved 3rd Dec 1740

Anne, d. [daughter?] of Cromwell = 1. Charles Savage of Ardkeen,

Price, Esq. of Hollymount m.
[married?] Feb 1769 1st wife
= Catherine, dau. [daughter?] of Leonard, Esq 2nd wife

1. Elizabeth Savage m. [married?] to Ed [Edward?] Lucas of
[Castleh----?] in Co of Monaghan, Esq.

2. Hester Savage d. [died?] unwed (?)

3. Mary Savage m. [married?] to Francis Savage of Glastry, Esq.
the 1st cousin, 4th son (2nd surviving) of Philip Savage of
[torn?] [torn?] Esq.

Jane, dau. [daughter?] Crawford, Esq = 1. Francis Savage, of
                                       Ardkeen & Hollymount,
                                       Esq [torn] [torn]
                                       Chaplin Bagly, Esq.
                                       [torn] of his taking
                                       the name & [----?]
                                       of Savage. A.D.
                                       1823. M.P. of Inth Ho.
                                       [House?] of Commons,
                                       June 22, 1794. ([--?]
                                       [-------?] [----?])
                                       for Co Down

= [S---?] Harick Butler, dau. [daughter?] of the 2nd Earl of
[torn] [torn] b. [born?] 11 [---?] 1784. m. [married?] 1st
Fr. [Francis?] Savage , May 19th, 1806. & [----?] Col.
Matthhew [Forde?], May 27th , 1829 M.P. of [-----?] Co Down
Lady [Forde?] d. [died?] in 1866
Col. M [Forde?] d. [died?] 5 Aug 1847

2. Cromwell Savage, req. ob. s.p.

1. Mary Anne Savage, (only daughter in 1795) [torn] [torn]
& nerelands of Kilcreme in the Co Kilkenny

Mary Anne (only child) Isabella, daughter of Mathew Forde of
the Forde now died in 1821 to         and had issue See
Burke's Landed gentry

1. [------?] Bagly Esq. assummed the name & [----?] of Savage
by Royal Syninammel. d. [died?] 17 Oct, 1837, died without
heir. His estate will to a descendant of Belfast.

1. Mary Anne Bagly only dau. [daughter?] m. [married?] to
Sir Henry [Herechith?], [----?] of Carland, Co. Meath

Henry who m. [married?] =

Henry who B. [born?] 1865

4. Lucas Savage = Anne dau. [daughter?] of Robert Roes, Esq.
of Lissage in Co. Down widow of James Gulliver, Esq. will d.
of  Down, Esq.    [dated?] June, 1785, approved 1786.
Will d. [dated?]
20th Sept 1753,
approved 18th Sept 1755

5. Lucy Savage married to John Reilly of Scarvagh, Esq.

6. Mary Savage, m. [married?] to Francis Lucas of Glenmore
2nd brother of Edward Lucas, Esq. of Castle [Slane?], Co.

7. Anne Savage , not mentioned in Hugh's Will

1. Rose Savage of Lissage

2. Lucy Savage

3. Anne Savage m. [married?] to Archibald Moore Esq.

1. Anne

2. Esther

3. Elizabeth

John Reilly of Scarvagh, Esq. m. [married?] 1773 Jane, dau
[daughter?] & co-heir of Col. Lishington of Sittingbourne,
Co. Kent

1. John Lishington Reilly
* John Lishington Reilly of Scarvagh (my mothers third cousin)

2. William

3. James Miles, Bar - at law of Crown [-----?] Co Down

Sir Francis Savage Reilly, K.C.M.G. b. [born?] 1825 d. [died?]
Aug 1885 (my mothers third cousin)

                          GLASTRY = ARDKEEN

1. Hugh Savage, Esq, b. [born?] 24 June, 1725, d. [died?] 23d
April 1799 at Haverford West

2. John Savage Esq., b. [born?] 4th July, 1726. In the army.
Drowned when journey in his passage of England with a [------?]

3. Marmaduke Coyhill Savage, = Hannah, dau. [daughter?] of
Captain 52nd Light Infantry,   James Brotherton, of Hereford,
b. [born?] 3rd Nov 1728, d.
[died?] 1780 at Hereford

4. Francis Savage = Mary Savage
of Glastry, Co      dau. [daughter?] of
Down, Esq. b.       Francis Savage of Ardkeen
[born?] 30 Aug      Esq

5. Henry Savage = June, dau. [daughter?] of Hamilton, Esq.
Esq. of Rock      Co-heiress d. [died?] 1799
d. [died?] 6th
[---?] 1797 will
d. [dated?] 4th Nov
1797 Proved Dec 1797

6. Charles Savage   =  Amelia dau. [daughter?] of -
[----ington?] Esq. d. [died?] 8th    Esq.
Aug 1801 at Rock Savage

7. Edward Savage, young at Rock Savage, aged 20 years.

8. James Savge, Esq.   =   Mary Anne dau. [daughter?] of
b. [born?] 1739, d.        Galloway, Esq.
[died?] at [---?] Ross
18 May, 1806, aged 46 years

Henry Savge, Esq., of Ballygalget Co Down, d. [died?]
[-----?] in 1808.

9. Philip Savge, Esq., b. [born?] 20 Aug, 1740, d. [died?]
at [-------?], 1790 aged 48 years (?857

10. Robert Savage, Esq., d. [died?] young at Rock Savage
aged 9 years. [-------?] child by several [-------?] with
June [-----?]

11. Lucy Savage, 12 June b. [born?] 1727, d. [died?] 1729.
 aged 2« years

12. June Savage b. [born?] 14th June 1730

13. Lucy Savage, 1731 12th June

14. Mary Savage b. [born?] 5th July 1734, m. [married?]
John Mc[------?] Esq of [Bally------?]

15. Rose Savage w. an infant

1. Francis Savage,   =   Elizabeth dau. [daughter?] of
                         McNeilly, Esq. Esq.

2. Charles Savage Esq. d. [died?] [-----?]

3. Henry Savage   = Anne, dau. [daughter?] of Edward McGuckin
in Holy Orders of   Esq. Solicitor b. [born?] 1778 d. [died?]
Glastry, Co. Down   7th May, 1828 aged 50 years
b. [born?] 1773
d. [died?] 4 May 1815
aged 42 years

1. Mary Savage d. [died?] [unwed?]

1. Francis Savage    =   Eliza, dau. [daughter?] of
of Glastry, Esq          George Watts, Esq. of [lockey?]
m. Ardkeen, b.           Hall, Co. Kildare
[born?] 1800 d.s.p.
at [Hollywood Oct 13,
1842 aged 42

2. Raymond Savage Esq. of   =   Eliza dau. [daughter?] of
d.s.p. Oct 6, 1841              John Scott, Esq. (she d.
                                [died?] Oct 15 1840)

3. Edward Savage Esq., of   =   Sarah, dau [daughter?] of John
Glastry, b. [born?] 1812        [-illington?] of [Kill------?]
d. [died?] Oct 5 1849 aged      Co. Tipperary, Esq.
37 years

4. William Savage, Esq. d. [died?] unwed died 1890

Edward d. [died?] in infancy

1. Mary Savage b. [born?] at Belfast 6 Feb [at [------?]), 1799
m. [married?] Dorrian

2. Rose d. [died?] in infancy

3. Jane Savage m. [married?] to Edmund John Armstrong Esq. b.
[born?] 1801 d. [died?] 1880 in her 79th year

4. Anne Savage d. [died?] unwed 1879

5. Rose Savage d. [died?] unwed ?

Emily b.[born?] 1811 d. [died?] 1st June 1814 aged 3 years

Emily Ormerly d. [died?] in infancy

Sarah A Savage d. [died?] unwed.  Leaving as her heir her Aunt
Mrs Jane Armstrong, her Uncle by marriage E. J. Armstrong?,
Esq & her two first cousins G. F. Armstrong?, Esq & Anne L.
Armstrong ( m. [married?] to [----?] W. F. [----?])

1. Henry Savage Armstrong d. [died?] in infancy

2. Edmund John Armstrong b. [born?] 23d July, 1841 d. [died?]
unwed. 1865 (Feb 24)

3. George Francis Armstrong   =  Marie Elizabeth, 2nd daughter
b. [born?] 5 May, 1845           of Rev. John [-----?] M. A.
                                 vicar of Malone, Co. Antrim

1. A. E. Armstrong m. [married?] to Capt W. J. Croft,
late 14th (P.W.O.) Regt.

4. Edmund [---------?] Savage   =   Elizabeth dau. [daughter?]
Esq. Lt. 3d. W.J. Regt              of M [----?] Rae, R m.
                                    [married?]   1864

5. Fred Marmaduke Savage, Esq.

6. Charles Savage, Esq.

1. Marianne m. [married?] to Robt [Robert?] Miller, Esq

2. June m. [married?] Aug 11 1852 [---?] [-----?] Esq

3. Emma m. [married?] to [torn] Small, of [Toronto?],
   Canada, W

1. Francis Savage Armstrong b. [born?] July 5, 1880.

2. John Raymond Savage Armstrong. b. [born?] May 13, 1882

1. Arabella [-------?] Savage Armstrong

1. Ethel Croft d. in infancy

2. Edmund Armstrong Croft

3. Hilda Francis Croft d. [died?] in infancy

4. Arthur William Croft

[Second sheet of pedigree]

1. John Boscaweu    =   Sophia, eldest daughter of Lt.
subsequently Sir J.     [Cock----?]
B. Savage, K.C.B.
[stained] in land
in the army, [stained],
Royal [-----?], [----lly?]
Ballygalget, Co Down, b. [born?]
23 Feb 1760 d. [died?] [----?]
8, 1843. His first [------?]
in the army was d. [dated?] 1672 - in

1. Jane Savage m. [married?] J. Lennox, Esq.

1. A son d. [died?] in infancy

2. Elizabeth daughter of    =    2. Henry John Savage, Esq,
John Dollock of Colombine,       eldest surviving son, [---?]
Island of Jersey, m. [married?]  Lt General &  Col. Commandant
22nd Oct, 1813 at Jersey -       Royal [P--incers?]b. [born?]
First wife, who died at sea      19th June 1792. D.
                                 [died?] at Jersey on 7th Feb
as [------?] home from Canada    1866. Served in the Penninsula
1829, & was buried at Halifax,   War in 1814. Served in Royal
Nova Scotia.                     [---incers?] from [----?]
                                 1809 till 7th Feb 1366

= Clara Eleonora eldest daughter of C.A.S. [Naylive?], Esq
[--?] [---?] Service, married at the [M-----ius?] 29th Oct.

3. John Morris Savage   =  Mary Anne dau. [daughter?] of Wm
[---?] Col. Royal          [William?] Hillier, Esq., R.N. in
Matters, b. [born?]        at [Roc----?] Kent, Nov. 16th,
1797                       1826

4. Francis James [Su-----?]   =   Susan Jane, youngest dau.
Savage, Esq., b. [born?]          [daughter?] of the Rev W
18 june 1850 ? d. [died?]         Evelegh H. B., [----?] of
March 14, 1864 at                 Aylesford & Lamberhurt,
Southhampton buried in            Kent at [---?] [------?]
[C-----?] Southhampton            [Roc----?] Kent [---?]
                                  16, 1833

1. Sophie Savage b. [born?] 1791 d. [died?] in infancy.

1. Henry John Savage Esq., eldest   =   Isabel, only child
son, now Col. [----?] Argyleshire       of Col. J Ward, Capt
Highlanders, b. [born?] 18 -            [----?] Rgt. married
served in S. Africa against             at Brighton, Sept 4,
[------?] Boers in 1845 Also in         1849
Kaffir Wars in 1846-7 & in 1833. Served
in the [----?] Rgt. 29 years from
June 1835 to Oct 1864. [---?]
[--------?] to 84th Rgt Retired
Colonel 9 Mar 1867.

2. William Savage, Esq Lt. 21 N.B. Fusiliers, born 1822.
D. [died?] 1854 at Sierra Leone

3. Eliza Sophia m. [married?] in 1842 Lt. (now major)
George Bayley 135th Rgt.

4. Sophia Caroline m. [married?] in 1841 Lt. (now Lt
Col. John Graham McKerlie Royal Engineers

5. [P--rose?] Anne. m. [married?] in 1844, Lt., now Capt
[Captain?] George Fredrick Macdonald 16th Rgt.

6. Harriet Frances Savage

1. Clara June Savage m. [marred?] to Major [------?] Royal
2. Gretrude Emily Savage m. [married?]

3. Mary Emma [-----?] Savage

4. Caroline Eleonor Augustine Savage m. [married?]  George
[Robert?] Savage(second son of Henry Savage, Esq of [Ardkeen?],
the Royal [---incers

5. Reginia Isabel Clara Savage

6. Annie Eliza Char [Charlotte?] Mavies Savage

7. Alice Maud Beatrix Savage

Francis Wm [William?] Eveleigh Savage, Esq., = Kathleen 3rd
b. [born?] 13th July, 1834, Lt. Rl. Artillery, dau. [daughter?]
subsequently Lt. 13th Dragoons, second         of Ed [Edward?]
in Crimean [-------?] in 1855, at the          Butler, Esq. of
Battle of [Teb-----?], & Siege & fall          Cashel, Co.
[Lav------?]. [-----?] & [cl---?] &            Tipperary m.
Turkish [-----?]                               Feb. 24, 1859
                                          at N [----?]

1. Henry Charles Savage, b. [born?] 1854 eldest son

2. Isabel Harriet b. [born?] 1850 d. [died?] young in 1852

3. Isabel Ada. b. [born?] Sept 1858

4. Florence b. [born?] [----?] 1862

5. Arthur Raymond Boscawer b. [born?] 7 Aug. 1868 2nd son

1. George Lt. Royal Artillery

Edward Lt. R. N.


Fredrick Lt. Rgt

1. John Morris Savage, Esq., 2nd Capt Royal Artillery, d.
[died?] in the Crimea, 1855, 24th June, aged 26 years, of
cholera, after leaving galantly distinguished himself in
defence of the [Jua---?] Pit infantry the [Re---? on 18th
June, 1855. A son of Francis Forbes  b. [born?] 1855 -
only child

= Louisa, 2nd dau. [daughter?] of [Theophilus Richards,
Esq., Birmingham. M. [married?] Feb 7, 1854

2. Harry [Ba------?] Savage, Esq., Lt. Rl. Marine Artillery

3. Philip Charles Savage, Esq., Lt. Rl. [C------?] Rifles

Loose page torn out from book
Page 355
                        APPENDICES V. & VI.

"The label from the man's mouth is defaced, but in Harl. MSS.
"From the woman's:-
                    "A' DAMPNAC 'S 'E P'PETUA LIBNOS D'NE."
"Under the figure of the Pope:-
"There were formerly, even in my recollection, several pieces of

ancient armour belonging to the different members of the Savage
family in this chapel, which at their deaths would be deposited
on their several tombs; but they have gradually - I will not
say decayed, but, through not being properely cared for,
dwindled down to two small fragments (Qy. where are they gone

   "The inscriptions on the monuments in this chapel appear in
Ormerod's time to have been readable, but the last half century
has dealt so hardly with them that they are now in some cases
only partially legible, whilst the beautiful tombs themselves
are fast going to decay, which if allowed to continue,
Macclesfield will lose a gem of antiquity, which would be
difficult to find such another in the whole county of Cheshire.
I have no doubt that if ever the walls come to be renovated
some choice relics of stonework and other decorations would be
brought to light that few are aware of. Let us hope that some
of the descendants of this noble family may take an interest
in the building, and save this splendid relic of bygone ages
from futher decay, which I am sure would rebound to their
honour, and Macclesfield would have cause to rejoice that a
monument so interesting, both in its antiquarian and historic
value, was saved from further
   To these extracts we may add the following from a letter
from the present Vicar of Macclesfield, addressed to Mr.
Francis W. Savage, of Springfield, in August, 1887:-
   "There is no lettering whatever on the head-dress of the
effigy of Lady Elizabeth in the Savage Capel.
   "The monument restored by Lord Derby is in the chancel of
the Church, and not in the Savage Chapel. It is an altar-tomb
with two effigies, viz., Sir John Savage and Lady Catherine
his wife.  She was, I believe, the daughter of the 1st Lord
"There is some lettering in the meshes of Lady Catherine's
head-dress, viz., in alternate meshes, "I.H.S." and "K"."

                       APPENDIX VI.

                 SAVAGE AND BABINGTON.

In Materials Illustrative of the History of Henry VII we find,
dated February 17, 1489, an abstract of a curious and
interesting Licence connected with the Savage family and with
Derbyshire, but in which the Savages mentioned bear, strange
to say, two Christian names (Ralph and Arnold) that seem to
identify them with the Kent branch.
   We cannot at present investigate the origin and history of
this Licence; but we quote it not only because it is connected
with the SAVAGES in Derbyshire,and for the curious illustration
it affords of the religious feeling and habits of the time, but
because of the striking coincidence of the linking in it of the
two names, BABINGTON and SAVAGE which, read by the light of
subsequent events, is a ghastly association. The Licence is as
   Feb. 17, 1489. "Licence to John Babyngton, Knt., and Ralph
Savage, to found a perpetual chantry for one secular chaplain
in honour of Christ and the Virgin, at the altar of our Lady,
in the parish of St. Helen of North Wynfield, co. Derby, in the
diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, to pray for the good estate
of the king, the queen, prince Arthur the king's first born, &
the said John Babyngton and Ralph Savage, & for the soul of
Arnold Savage; with mirtmain licence to receive an annuity of
viii. marks for the monastery of the Holy Family, Lenton,
co. Notts. Given at Westminster E. pt. 18 Pet. m. 15 (17)."
   Just a century after this Licence was granted, viz., in
1586 Anthony Babington, a gentleman of Derbyshire, and George
Savage, an English gentleman, and an exile, who had served as a
soldier in the Spanish army in the Netherlands, zealous Roman
Catholics, true to the faith of their forefathers, were hanged,
drawn, and quartered for having conspired with the priest
Ballard and others to do away with the great Protestant Queen
Elizabeth, and restore to freedom her Catholic captive, Mary,
Queen of Scots; a conspiracy remarkable in history as having
precipitated the execution of the latter Queen.

[Handwritten in margin[ - "Susan Savage was maid of Honour to
Mary Tudor (1517) she introduced her to Wolsey to whom [torn]
petitioned for pardon of her brother Anthony Savage who for
some reason was inconcealment [torn] W. [Wolsey?] granted her
request promising for A [Anthony?] all [torn?]". - [------?]
Tudor Princess - p.87

[----?] Savage (D. [died?] 1586) probably of [---------?]
family: the [faded] in this year [stained] under W of Parmain
the [-------?] the [----?] to England. Mr Wm [William?]
Gifford persuaded him that to born of 2. Eliz [Elizabeth?]
[---?] [-----?] [-----?] Ballard is a [torn] [torn].

Page 356

                      APPENDICES VII. & VIII.



Arms - A cross engrailed, per pale sable and gules, in the
quarter an annulet of the last.
Sir Richard Stafford
of Pipe in co. Suff = Mawde daur & coheir of Sir Wm [William?]
                      Caumville of Clifton, co. Staff.

Mawde daur & heir = Sir Thos [Thomas?] Ardern of Elford Co.

Sir John Ardern Kt = Mawde, daut of Pilkington (her name was

Mawde daur & heir = Thomas Stanley, 2d son of Sir John Stanley,
                    Kt Lieut of Ireland

* Sir John Stanley of Elford Esq =

Margorie = William    Anne = Christopher   Elizabeth = Wm
           Staunton          Savage of     or Maude    Fere or
                             Elmley Castle             Ferrers
from her the Brookes
of Haseler

                      Christopher Savage son
                      & heir

                        APPENDIX VIII.


John Savage = Amy ...
of Whaddon Coun.
[County?] Bucks,
Captaine of a Company

Sarah his 2nd wif [wife?] = Sir Arthur Savage = Jane daur of
relict of Alderman          of Cardington, co.  Thomas Stafford,
Smythes of London           Bedfd [Bedford?]    of Tattenhow in
daur of Mr.                 Knight and owner    the Coun.
Sewestor                    of the Castell of   [county?]  Bucks

                            Kildare in          Esq.
                            Ireland obt 13
                            March Ano 1633

Jane I wife of Francis
Ewar of Bucknell
Co. Oxon.

Sir Thomas = Dowglass          John 2               William 4
Savage of    dau. [daughter?]
Cardington   of Sir Thomas     Henry 3              Edmund 5
& Castell    Snagg of
of Rabon     Maston-Morton
son & heir   Co Bedford
lieuing      Knight
Ao 1634

Francis Savage only son & heire                    Dowglas
aged about Ao. 1634 9 years
                                                Thomas Savage.

-From The Visitations of Bedfordshire, Annis Domini 1566, and
1634. Edited by F. A, Blaydes.

* This John was the last son of his race of the Elford line,
his only son, John Stanley, having been accidentally killed
by a blow from a tennis-ball, when a youth. His post mortem
inquest was taken in 1510 1st Hen. VIII., and it was found
that the said John Stanley died the 21st of Nov last Past with
out heirs male, and that Christopher Savage, son & heir of Anne,
one of the daurs [daughters?] and heirs of the said John,
Margart daur [daughter?] & heir of Anne, who was daur
& heir of Margery, another daur [daughter?] of the said John,
and Elizabeth late wife of William Fere (Ferrers), another
daur [daughter?] & heir of the said John, where his next heirs.
And the said Christopher Savage was aged 12 & the said Margery
7, & the said Elizabeth 40 years old, at the date of the
Inquistion. Of these daurs [daughters?] & coheirs Anne was the
wife of Christopher Savage Elmley Castle, co. Worchester,
Margery wife of Wm [William?] Staunton. Elizabeth Ferrers, in
several Pedigrees, and notably in Visn Warwicks, is called
Maude, & made wife of Sir John Ferres, son & heir of Sir
Thos [Thomas?] Ferrers of Tamworth. - From The Heraldic
Visitations of Stafford in 1614 & 1663-64. Part 2, vol. 2,
page 56. 1884.