The Savage Family Wills, Dublin, 1643-1808.

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Document ID 9605222
Date 27-01-1643
Document Type Wills
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation The Savage Family Wills, Dublin, 1643-1808.; PRONI D.618/266; CMSIED 9605222
Savage Wills in Prerogative Court (Record Office Dublin)

Patrick of Portaferry        Jan. 27. 1643

He is to be buried in Cathedral Church of Down.
Bequeaths his property to his son Hugh.
Bequeaths to his eldest daughter Sarah œ600.
Bequeaths to his second daughter Elizabeth œ300

To be increased to œ1000 & œ500 respectively if Hugh dies
without [i---?] Bequest to Patk [Patrick?] of Derry of
lease of land on which he lives Bequest to Edmund
[Duff?] brother to Patk [Patrick?] of lease of land where
he [lived?] near Bank [----?]
Bequest to James & John [SHare?] of quarter of Cariagh
where they now live. Bequest to Henry of Ardkeen his black
Bequest to his "coozen" [cousin?] Mary œ10
Attached to the will is a list of debts owing to & owed by
him amongst the former is a "Sir James Montgomerie [Montgomery?]

for several horses bought by me for his 40 pounds"
He also appoints Lord Montgomerie, [Montgomery?] Sir James
Montgomerie [Montgomery?] Bernard Ward, Henry Savage Esquire
& Nicholas Fitzsimons "overseers" of his children.

Edward of Portaferry. dated 5 March 1725 proved 16 Nov. 1736

To his "honoured mother Ann Savage" inter alia "his mansion
house in Portaferry & his Park called Stone Park containing
60 acres in Portaferry" for life

Legacies to his sisters. Mary Courtney œ800. Sarah Savage
œ1.1 Fridaysweed West œ1.1. Ann [-chlin?] œ800. Margaret
Savage œ800 Appoints John of Ballyvarley, Hugh of Drumaroad,
Thomas of Portaferry his executors to whom he leaves œ100
per ann. [annum?] till his neece [niece?] Katherine Savage
attains 18 / daughter of his brother Rowland / for
payment of Rowland debts.

To Ann Savage alias Arthur spinster of Portaferry œ300
To his cousin Mark Savage œ100
To his nurse Eleanor Savage œ105
To Hugh son of John Savage late of Dublin merchant œ800 his
[best?] dunn colored gelding and his race horse.
To Thomas Savage his [stone?] horse.
To Hugh Collingwood surgeon his biggest dunn gelding.
To the poor of Portaferry œ200 to be paid to Thomas Savage &
his brother Hugh S. of Drumaroad.
 Evidently executed at Bath all the witnesses being of that
Proved 1736 by James Savage brother of John Savage. Hugh &
Thomas having renounced & John having died after having
named his brother James & J. Moore of Drumbanagher his

James of Portaferry  (1733)

    To his wife Mable [Mabel?] œ20 per ann [annum?] out of [Darry?]
    [D-rry?] to his two sons Andrew & James & also "that
    part of Ballyvarley where he lately lived" in equal

    To "my 4th daughter Lucy" œ200
    To my 3rd daughter Sarah œ100
    To my 2nd daughter Elizabeth Runell œ10

Edward & John Trevor executors.

Dated 7 Sep. 1733. Probate granted to his daughter Sarah
Savage widow 8 March 1754. John Trevor having died & Edwd
[Edward?] [renouncing?]
one of the witnesses is [Trevor?] (sic) Savage.

John of Portaferry (dated 1736)

To be buried in Cathedral Church of Downpatrick.

To "my dear wife Catherine my [beaufett?] [excritoire?]
with all the furniture now in my big parlour"
To his mother "Mable" [Mabel?] œ25 per ann. [annum?]
Mentions his brother James & Hugh Savage of
[Kirdi-ton?], his sisters Margaret [Magenis?] [Magennis?]
& Lucy Savage his uncle Hugh Savage & his sister [Runell?].
œ10 to poor of Portaferry
His "trusty & well beloved cousin germain Edwd [Edward?]
Trevor of Loughbrickland to be guardian of his son James
till he is 21 (James is to be in charge of his mother for 10

John Moore & James his brother to be executir [executor?]
dated 23 Ap. [April?] 1736 proved 25 Nov. 1736

Andrew of Barhall   (dated 1764)

To his wife  Elinor [Eleanor?] Savage œ40
To his second son Thomas œ60
[lega----?] daughters Mary wife of Edwd [Edward?] Trevor -
Margaret and Rose - son Edward and grandson Andrew.

dated 19 Aug. 1764.     proved 1 March 1766

Valentine of Dublin.

     "No sermon to be at my funerall [funeral?]" (sic)
recites that he has settled lands at Ballyane [Ballyanne?]
Co. Wexford & Lunderstown Meath on his wife as jointure
& leaves her œ30 per ann [annum?] out of Bregage Cork to
support children. Mentions eldest daughter Mary 2nd Judith
youngest Ann. Philip his son to be residuary legatee &
executor. leaves "his worthy friend & kinsman sir Paul Davys
40 shillings for a [ring?]"
Mentions his brother Thomas Haughton

       proved 13 July 1670

Lucy widow of Dublin        (1751)

    To her son Francis all dower out of Ardkeen.
    Mentions grandson Charles & son Philip. Son Lucas & his
    daughter Lucy & son Ross. her son-in-law T. Reilly & her
    daughter Lucy. her daughter Mary wife of Francis Lucas
    and his grandson John son of Philip. her daughter in law
    Mary Savage and her daughter Anne Savage.

    (There are many considerable legacies & specific bequests
    of plate)

    dated Aug. 31. 1751.         proved 6 Nov. 1751

Lucas, of Lifesize.  Co. Down  (1753)

    Mention his wife Ann. otherwise Wallace otherwise Ross.
    To his daughter Lucy Savage œ1000 provided she marries
    with the consent of Francis Savage of Ardkeen.
    [--?] Francis & [Rune?] to be executors.

    dated 20 Sep. 1753        proved 18. Sep. 1755.

Catherine of Gorgery.       Co. Down  (1755)

    To her nephew [Marmion?] Savage of Dublin œ20.
    Mentions Rowland Savage of Ballyvarley & her nephew John
    Savage of Lurgancanly [Lurgancanty?]. certain married
    Her nephew Robert Savage. Her sister Mary Savage. Her
    daughter Elizabeth & Sarah and her sister Sara Savage

    dated 21 Ap. [April?] 1755    proved Dec. 1. 1755

Peter of Smithfield     (1755)

             No interest

Philip chancellor of the exchequer

  Bequeaths all his property to Sir Arthur Atcheson & Ann
his wife
Mentions Mary his wife & directs that he is to be buried
in St. Andrews

dated 6 March 1716     proved 25 July 1717

James of Dublin    1766

     Mentions George Savage son of his sister Alice Savage
     deceased and his late sister Catherine Fitzsimmons.

William of Dunturk

     Mentions his brother Stephen - Robert - Henry & James &
     his sister Sara Norris "To his wife Catherine his six
     best cows & his interest in Audleystown"
     legacies to Franciscan (œ3) & Dominican (œ2) convents
     Residue to his only son John.

     dated 23 Nov. 1741.      proved 1 March 1755

Patrick of Dublin.   attorney    (1784)

     Bequeaths his real estate [--?] to Sir Richd.
     [Richard?] Steele of Dublin & Gavan Hamilton of
     Killyleagh on trust for His kinsman Henry Savage of
     Belfast for life & [---?] in tail then to Hugh son of
     Philip Savage of Rocksavage for life remainder to his
     [---?] in tail then to Francis brother of Hugh in same
     way. Bequest to vicar of Saintfield for poor of parish
     & other charitable bequests

     dated Aug. 11. 1722       proved 1784

James of Dublin    (1751)

            No interest

Luke of Parliament St. Dublin  [Halter?]  (1783)

     Mentions wife Mary.
              3 daughters. Bridget. Mary. Elinor.
              sons        Andrew. & James "now in Jamaica".
     Leaves to Andrew, lands (inter alia) at Kileevy in Co.
     Armagh & Lurganboy & Ballymoney in Co. Down.

     dated 1783.         proved 1784.

     (He was evidently a man of considerable means)

Philip of Dungulph.    Co. Wexford

     Mentions daughter Mary & son Philip

     dated 21 Oct. 1746.

Margaret of Dublin widow of William Savage doctor of
medicine formerly of Dumfries in Prince William County
Virginia. recites that her husband brought her to this
country & treated her with [utmost?] cruelty deserted her &
returned to America where he lived on his property.

Bequeaths œ2000 to George Washington & œ100 to Bryan Fairfax

Savage Wills in Prerogative Court (Record Office Dublin)

Andrew.        Barhall                 1766

Andrew.        Sybil Hill Dublin       1799

Anne.          Portaferry. widow       1733

Anne.          widow                   1786

Anne.          Dublin. widow           1809

Catherine.     widow                   1755

Charles.       Ardkeen                 1740

Charles.       Ardkeen                 1780

Charles.       Wexford                 1801

Edward.        Portaferry              1736

Edward.        Barhall                 1787

Edward.        Dublin                  1801

Francis.       Ardkeen                 1770

Francis.       Frederick [--?]         1770

Francis.       Glastry                 1808

Henry.         Arkin                   1655

Henry.         Rock Savage             1797

Hugh.          Ardkeen                 1723

Hugh.          Ardkeen                 1732

Savage [als?] Jones.   Co. Down        1619

James.         Ballymanish             1749

James.         Finglass. Dublin        1751

James.         Portaferry              1754

James.         Dublin                  1766

John.          Dublin                  1673

John.          Portaferry              1754

John.          Dunturk                 1773

John.          Dublin                  1776

John.          Ballyvally              1793

John. Knocksedon [Knocksedan?]. Dublin 1803

John. Knocksedon [Knocksedan?]. Dublin 1804

Lucas. Lifsize [Lifesize?]             1755

Lucy.          widow                   1751

Luke.          Halter. Dublin          1784

Marmion.       Dublin                  1767

Margaret.      widow                   1784

Mary.          Dublin. Spinster        1791

Mary.          Dublin. widow           1798

Michael.       Dublin                  1777

Patk. [Patrick?]  Portaferry           1647

Patk. [Patrick?]  Gorgery Down         1725

Patk. [Patrick?]  [Maghernehealy?]     1732
Patk. [Patrick?]  Dublin               1771

Patk. [Patrick?]  Dublin               1784

Patk. [Patrick?]  [Cloghem?] Dublin    1743

Peter.            Dublin               1755

Philip.         (chancellor)           1717

Philip.          Dungulph              1751

Philip.          Rocksavage            1781

Philip.          Barhall               1782

Robert.          Dublin                1743

Rowland.         Ballygalget           1640

Rowland.         Portaferry            1725

Rowland.         Ballyvarley           1790

Susanna.         Kilkenny              1770

Thomas.          Portaferry            1748

Thomas.          Dublin                1768

Thomas.          Dublin                1811

Valentine.       Dublin                1670

William.   Kirkistone [Kirkistown?]    1733

[William?]       Dunturk               1765