Notebook of RIC Police officer John Crawford.

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Document ID 9801319
Date 01-03-1884
Document Type Diaries and Journals
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Notebook of RIC Police officer John Crawford.; PRONI D 1887/1; CMSIED 9801319
Note header written by transcriber - the following
is a policeman's notebook and the entries appear to
be notes made from the RIC Circulars issued from Dublin
Castle & circulated to all Police Stations - in the main
Wanted & Most Wanted Terrorists, Fenians, Dynamiters
from U.S.A.

    County of Donegal
           March 1884
       John Crawford

  Memorandum Book

Captain or McAndrew
John Murphy
C. H. Driscoll
John Sullivan
T. H. O'Rourke
John O'Shea
Patk [Patrick?] Naughton
John McCafferty (Captn.)
Jams [James?] Halligan
Patk [Patrick?] N. Fitzgerald
Peter McGorman
Jno. [John?] Daly - arrested
Tom Meehan
Pat Cassey
Henry [Diver?]
Edward Gilmore
Robt. Johnstone
James McGowan
Joseph Tully
Micheal Kelly
Charles Fitzwalter
James Hamilton
James Kelly
W.J. Dalton

Jno. [John?] O'Leary - not to be watched

Gentleman like, about 5 ft [feet?] 10 ins [inches?]
wears a lot of light brown hair on his face

John Murphy = Feneon [Fenian?]
5 ft [feet?] 8 [inches?] 36 or 38 yrs [years?] very
stout, red flushed face - dark sandy hair & moustache -
has not shaved under chin

It is supposed the undernamed left America for England
& Ireland
         P.H. Driscoll
blue eyes, light mousth [moustache?] & imperl [imperial?]
5/8 high [5 feet 8 inches?]

   John Sullivan
     (not described)

   J.H. O'Rourke
    (not described)

   John O'Shea
   5 ft [feet?] 6 or 7 ins [inches?] high is like an

  Patk [Patrick?]  Naughton
    Dark complexion black moustache 5 ft [feet?] 10 in

  John McCafferty cptn [Captain?]
    5 ft [feet?] 8 ins [inches?] - Dark small sunken eyes
aquiline nose, sallow complexion, scowling long narrow
forehead small beard & moustache  dark hair cut short
left hand tattooed Gun shot wound above right knee

 Two men names unknown, left New York 12 May, believed
to have landed at Derry
  No 1   5 ft [feet?] 9 or 10 ins [inches?]  stooped
shoulders slight make, beard & moust [moustache?] clean
shaved - black dress suit low hat - is about 35 years of
age - is very shy - has a large trunk marked S. Hassan.

  No.2   5 ft [feet?] 4 or 5 ins [inches?] 27 years of age
black hair & moustache otherwise shaved clear straw hat -
brown suit black hand valise said he was a native of

  The following are believed to be concerned in the late
dynamite outrage at London
      30 to 40 yrs [years?] middle height compl [complexion?]
dark eyes dark brown  hair light  long moustache   Dark coat,
vest, & trousers - round hard hat, black overcoat
   No.2   27 or 28 yrs [years?] 5 ft [feet?] 5 in [inches?]
eyes, complexion, hair & mousth [moustache?] dark. hard felt
hat, dressed in dark clothes

James Halligan
  5 ft [feet?] 9 [inches?] about 13 stn [stones?] fair
compl [complexion?] gray eyes nearly close when he laughs -
rather untidy about the feet - when walking his knees bend

Patk. [Patrick?] N. Fitzgerald
  5 ft [feet?] 7 [inches?] 35 yrs [years?] medium make
brown hair hazel eyes very bright 7 piercing, sharp nose
reg [regular?] mouth. Freckled brownish complexion Thin
visage, high cheek bones, wears all his beard & moustch
[moustache?] closely cropped - native of Cork - slightly
hunch backed -the hump in centre of back - he walks
quickly with head thrown back as if to hide his deformity -
swings his arms - almost meeting them behind - turns
his feet out very much his legs and arms are long in
proportion to his body - he frequently looks about him
as if to see if he was watched

American Dynamiters
Descriptions of persons who have been attending the dynamite
school in New York - and have attained sufficient knowledge
to be ready to proceed on missions to the United Kingdom
 Nos 1 - 2 & 3 are reported to have sailed about the end
of last year.
  No.1 Tim ---- [blank space?]  28 yrs [years?] 5 ft [feet?]
10 [inches?] - whiskers and moust [moustache?] long, black
eyes, dark compl. [complexion?] has a slight stoop, weight
155 lbs. looks like  a mechanic has large eyes. one standing
out more than the other, talks much - & looks for information
takes a long step

   Thos. [Thomas?] Dudley about 40 yrs [years?] 5 ft [feet?] 4
[inches?] dark hair cut short clean shaved. dark eyes, clear
complexion 180 lbs weight, like a butchers assistant large round

face very large mouth thick lips, very short neck flat-footed
large hard hands served in American army
  No.3 Patrick ---- about 35 [years?] 5 ft [feet?] 10 [inches?]
red hair cut short red moust [moustache?] no whiskers brown
eyes, red face & nose - 150 lbs  slight build, dirty & dress
slovenly  looks hard and tough a reglr [regular?] Irish man
in style, steps very light and quick

  No.4 Peter McGorman
    about 26 [years?] 5 ft [feet?] 10-11 [inches?] get [jet?]
black hair & moustache & goat black eyes, dark compl
[complexion?], very thick lips, straight as an arrow, broad
shoulders - 185 lbs wgt [weight?] dresses well, trade &
Pedlar in sewing machines, books &c  a great talker, has
travelled in the Westn [western?] states, wears a large
ring on right hand, a man's head cut on stone of two

  No.5  John Daley 5 ft [feet?] 10 [inches?]  light brown
hair, light mousth [moustache?], no whiskers, blue eyes,
fair complexion, straight figure 150 lbs, respectable
apprns [appearance?] one front tooth decayed, says he
comes from Manetoba [Manitoba?]

  No.6  Tom Meehan 5 ft [feet?] 10 [inches?] black hair
& moustache chin shaved, black eyes dark compl [complexion?]
bow-legged - 175 lbs. large hard hands - a slow talker

  No.7 Pat Cassey 35 [years?] 5/8 [5 feet 8 inches?], black
hair & short whiskers no moust [moustache?] black eys ,round
broad shoulders 180 lbs, said he came from Manetoba
[Manitoba?] to follow the school & would soon return

  No.8 - 27 yrs [years?] 5/8 [5 feet 8 inches?]  black hair
& mousth [moustache?] otherwise clean shaved would have a heavy
beard if allowed to grow  dark eyes sickly compl [complexion?]
consumptive looking, shilght build 140 lbs. suit of Scotch
tweed. pointed nose - a gas fitter

  No. 9  -  about 5/10 [5 feet 10 inches?] - sandy hair very
thin red side whiskers & moustache  gray eyes, filled
slightly with small pox - has a stoop  170 lbs - dirty apprns
[appearance?] like a fire man  wore a blue jersey - whitish
lips bad teeth  talks & [ays?] in seaman fashion

Henry Diver Auctioneer Lekenny [Letterkenny?] 5 ft [feet?]
1 [inch?] 46 yrs [years?] mean makes, dark hair turning gray,
gray eyes, dark eye brow long nose, regl [regular?] mouth,
fresh compl [complexion?] thin vissage [visage?], side
whiskers cut short hold his head down when walking both hands
in pocket

Edward Gillmore a plumber & gas fitter, residing at
40 Church Lane Belfast 5/7 [5 feet 7 inches?] stout make,
broad shoulders, dark brown hair, blue eyes dark brows,
regular nose, large mouth no whiskers, native of Lisbourne

Robt Johnstone  Builder, Timber & Slate Merchant Greencastle
Co. Antrim & Grt [Great?] Geor [Georges?] St [Street?]
Belfast - 6 ft [feet?] 47 yrs [years?]  medium make, dark
brown hair, brown eyes, long nose, under shot, sallow
compl [complexion?] high cheek bones, large brown whiskers,
brown full beard native of Ballameena [Ballymena?] This
man has been specl [specially?] watched by Belfast & Antrim
Police  He has not been out of Ireland since watched

James McGowan  Publican - Boyle District Co. Roscommon
5/8 [5 feet 8 inches?] 37 [years?] stout make dark brown
hair, dark eyes, regl [regular?] nose, reg [regular?]
mouth, no whiskers moustache & Imperial  was in America
for 10 years, returned in 78 [1878?] was a prominent
Landleaguer is local treasurer & secretary of I.R.B.
The members of which meet in his P.[public?] House
He was fired at in 82 [1882?] this was attributed
to the Land League as he had taken land in
grazing - is in correspondence with the I.R.B.
in America.

  Jasper Tully Proprietor of the Boyle "Hearla" resides
at Boyle 5/7 [5 feet 7 inches?] 25 [years?] medium
make, dark hair, large eyes, brown eyebrows, slightly
crooked nose, reglr [regular?] mouth, fresh, dark, compl.
[complexion?], short vissage [visage?] very short whiskers,
small moustache, native place Boyle, well educated, was
an active member of the Landleague, established league
courts, was arrested as a suspect in '82 [1882?] for
Boycotting is likely to be a member of the I.R.B.

Supposed name Michael Kelly commonly called "Ball Kelly"
is a labourer - Residence 29 Court, Bordesby [Bordesley?] 5/7«
[5 feet 7« inches?] - 65 [years?] stooped round shoulders
gray hair cut short, gray eyes, broad or rather large
nose, large mouth, teeth exposed when speaking fresh
complexion  broad face, large head, small gray whiskers -
supposed native of Co. Mayo  very determined looking
wers [wears?] dark scotch tweed is supposed to belong to
the vigilance committee, he has been elected to commit
outrages in England  He has been a prominent Fenian for
a long time, but was only sworn into I.R.B. 2 Mar 1884
is a very likely person to be elected for any dangerous
enterprise. is in the confidence of Jno. Daley & James
Egan, Birmingham who are suspects and dymaniters, he states
he is going to Wales.

       D.C. [Dublin Castle?] 19 Jul 1884
   Dynamite missions

  Chas. [Charles?] Fitzwalter of Drogheda - Is a stonecutter 5/9
[5 feet 9 inches?] 22 [years?] Fair hair & complex
[complexion?] no beard

  James Hamilton - Omagh 5/7 [5 feet 7 inches?]
Sandy hair & moust [moustache?] native of Omagh
Deserted from English army 10 years ago

  James Kelly of Enniskillen is a stonecutter 5/6 or 7
[5 feet 6 or inches?] 25 years - Dark complex
[complexion?] no whiskers full beard - native of

  W.J. Dalton Roman C [Catholic?] Priest always carries a
cane or umbrella
  First part of this man's description did not come to
this station
  W.J.Dalton - of V.C.
     35 years 5 ft [feet?] 9 [inches?]  Bald head fresh
clear complexion wears a silk hat & always carries a cane
never wears a clerical suit
    Should he appear in this Dist [district?] - report at

  Tim Dillon
   Dynamite agent description
    5 ft [feet?] 7 ins [inches?] High
      60 yr [years?] age
   Bald & white hair  wears a full white beard
    Native of Ballymore stoups when walking draws
right leg after him  High smooth forehead - usually
wears ?black cloths & tall hat - cannot Read or write
  He may be accompanied by his daughter and her husband -
they recently came from America
   No of file W/3844
     Suspect Ed. [Garavin?] 5 ft [feet?] 6 ins [inches?]
20 years Slight make, light brown hair Light blue eyes
thin nose, ordinary mouth, fair complex [complexion?]
thin visage - no beard or wiskers  very slight moustache
smart intelligent appearance    Native of Newport Co. Mayo
- is a commercial traveller representing the frim of Mayor
House & Co. Northampton  Boot & shoe Manufacturers
  Should he appear in this Dist [district?] a report
to be made to D. J.

   Ex Suspect
  Henry Parks [l-Lagan?] Gray & blue eyes reg. [regular?]
nose. fair compl [complexion?] mean make 6 ft [feet?]
2 in  [inches?] 28 yrs [years?] age  Fair hair [entry in
pencil largely erased?]

Supposed to be a commercial traveller