Thomas McCann, Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Mary McKeown Belfast.

		October 18th 1884
    Minneso [Minnesota?]
dear sister Mary
I take my very [?]
Pen to send you a few lines
hoping the [they?] will find yous [you?]
all well as the [they?] lave [leave?] me in at
presant [present?] thank god..........
well dear sister I did not
receve [receive?] your letter to a few weeks
agow [ago?] and I was hopey [hoping?] to
find by it that your all
well the same blessing
I enjoy at presant [present?] dear sister
Maggie is well and likes this
country she would not go back to old
ireland for any money she came to
Uncle James from New York and stoped [stopped?]
there last winter so she do not think
of the old Country any more she sayes [says?]
she had to work to [too?] hard when she
was there and had nothing for it
she is now working in a hotel in
Madison near my uncles house but
I am 2 hundred and fifty miles furder [further?]
west I left my uncles last spring and
came west I am now 7 hundred miles
from New York so you may think I am quite
away from the place I was Born in
old Ireland but I am quite happey [happy?]
sometimes I never think I was in old
Ireland still I never think of it
sometimes for I do not entend [intend?] ever
to see it I am still working at my
trade and always has plenty to do
I spent quite a little some [sum?] on maggie
to take her here she cost me forty
seven dollers [dollars?] to take her from
Ireland to here but I do not care
for that it makes me happey [happy?] to
hear from her and that is all I want
from her sometimes she do not think
worth her while to write me a few
lines to let me know how she is getting
along well dear sister Brother Mick
is well he has left my Uncle
and gone west but I hear from him
quite often he is gowen [going?] to New York
again to get marret [married?] to a Scotch girl
that he was corting [courting?] in Scotland
the time that he was there he
will be marret [married?] the first of November
he has paid her passege [passage?] out here
he says he wants some body to
Care him in his old days.....
well dear sister I think he is right
for we will not always be young
and for sister Lizzie I did not
hear from her in a long time
but sister Maggie says she
will send for her in april and
pay her passage here I will
send you word when she comes
well dear sister I have not got
anything more to say at presant [present?]
I send yous [you?] my kind love and
Best regards to you and
alexander and Thomas Henery [Henry?]
wishing yous [you?] great joy and
happenes [happiness?] from your Brother
Thomas McCann adress [address?] Clark House
Minneapolis Minnso [Minnesota?] America
for Thomas McCann good Bye