Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford renamed Mostrim.

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Document ID 9710299
Date 29-08-1935
Document Type Family Papers
Archive Linenhall Library
Citation Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford renamed Mostrim.;The Belfast Weekly News, Thursday, 29 August, 1935.; CMSIED 9710299

    At the request of the local Town Tenants'
Association, the name of Edgeworthstown has
been changed to Mostrim (in Gaelic, Meathas
Truim) by the Longford County Council.  The
name was given to the town in honour of the
Edgeworth family, who owned the property
and resided there for many generations.
Amongst them was, of course, Maria
Edgeworth, the novelist, who wrote her books
in Edgeworthstown House, where Sir Walter
Scott was sometimes a visitor.  The town has
passed out of the hands of the family into
those of an Irish-American named Noonan.