Ship Urgent, Belfast to N.Y.

		           FOR NEW YORK,
To Sail Direct from Belfast on the 24th March,
         and Coppered Ship
       Urgent, of Belfast,
   625 tons Register, or 1,300 tons Burthen.
        JAS. [James?] POLLOCK, Commander.
This superior Ship, so well-known in the passenger
trade for having always landed her passengers in
excellent health, besides making the quickest
passages of any other Ship out of the Port of Belfast,
has just arrived from Charleston, after a remarkably
quick passage of only twenty-two days, and will be
punctually despatched from Belfast for the City of
New York, on the 24th March.
    SAMUEL M'CREA has put on the Ship Urgent, at the
request of a large number of Passengers, who wish
to embark at Belfast, and sail direct for New York,
thereby saving the trouble and expense of changing
ports, so frequently complained of.
    The Urgent will, as usual, be fitted up in a
most superior manner, for the accommodation of Cabin,
Second Cabin, and Steerage Passengers, which together
with Captain Pollock's well-known unremitting attention
to the Passengers, renders the Urgent a most desirable
    The Urgent will be furnished, under the recent
Act of Parliament, with the following provisions for
the voyage:-25lbs. biscuit, 10lbs. flour, 50lbs. oatmeal,
20lbs rice, 5lbs. sugar, 5lbs. molasses, 1Â