Papers relating to Foundling Hospital of Dublin, 1818-23

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— 2. 

COPIES OF ALL ORDERS, issued during the last seven years, regulating 

the Admission of Children into the Foundling Hospital of Dublin. 

17th April 1817. 
ORDERED, THAT a Special Board be summoned, to take into consideration 

the period to be fixed for suspending Admissions in the ensuing year. 
A full attendance to be particularly requested in the summonses. 

24th April 1817. 
JSesofoe^/, wwammows/y, That the suspension of Admission of Infants into this Hospital, shall take place on the first day of January next; and that it shall be continued until the first day of April 1818. 
Orfifered', That due notice be given of the suspension of Admission of Infants for the next year, according to the terms of the Act of Parliament. 

23d April 1818.