Returns from Dioceses in Ireland, 1805

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(Ireland.)—diocesan returns:


The Prebend of White Church and Kilmakea,
the Corps of which is
White Chufch - - a rec.. & vicarage,

Kilmakea - - - a re&ory.
2, pariflies contiguous.

United by ASt of Council on gih Oftober



The Prebend of Crofspatrick and Kilcomon,
the Corps of which confifts of
Crofspatrick - - - a re&ory.


Kilcomon - - - a reftory.
Braban - - - -an imp. cure.
3 pariflies contiguous.

Braban was epifcopally united to Kilcomon
in 1784,

CrofTpatrick and Kilcomon conftitute the

The Union of Wexford confills of
S' Patricks Wexford
Drinah - - - -

Ardcandrifii -
S' Mary's
S' Tiillogue
S' Michaels of Feagh
S' Iberius -
S' Peter's

- a reftory.

- the like.

- the like.

- the like,

- the like.

- the like,
a rec. & vicarage.

imp. cures.

- a re dory.

- a rec. imp.

* a rec. collat.

: I-

imp. cures.

1 5 parifliesall contiguous, except Ballybrenan
which is about 5 miks diftant.

All thefe, by reafon of their contiguity and
fmalhiefs of their value, epifcopally united to
Wexford in 1795.


The Union of New Rofs confifts of
S'Mary's New Rofs
The parilbes of
Old Rofs - a rec.

Carnagh - the like.

Tulleraght - the like.

Bailyane - the like.

Ballybrazell - a vie.

Clonleigh - a rec.

Templendigan, and

New Rofs -
Kilfcanlan belongs to the Bid)op's Menfals.
10 parillies contiguous.

Erefied into one
pari ill by the name
of tlie parifli of S'
Mary's New Rofs.

The Union of RolTdroit and Templefcobin
confift of

Roffdroit - - - - a reftory.
Templefcobin - - - a re&ory.
2 pariflies contiguous.

By the Rev. Cha® Naylor's titles to thisimion,
dated June 1767, it is fet forth as follows:
Whereas, by the records of our diocele of Ferns
and other authentic proofs, it appeareth to us,
that in purfuance and by virtue of a ftatiite
made in this kingdom in the 14'*' & 15''' Cha'
ch. 10''', an ad or order was made and con¬
ceived by His Majefly's Privy Council of tliis
kingdom, bearing date the aS'** June 1678,
whereby the feveral pariflies of Old Rofs, Cat-
nagh, &c. &c. were united in perpetuity to the
parifli of b' Mary's New Rofs, and niade one
parifli, &c. as afort-faid.

#. 3. This is the only document now extant.

Thefe two parifhes were epifcopally uniteti
Oijly in 1804.

It is intended to unite them bv a£l of Council.

The Union of Killegny confifls of

Killegny - an entire reftory. ,

Chappell - - - an imp. cure.
2 pariflies contiguous.

The imp. cure of Chappell was only epiko-
pally united to Kiilegny in 1799