Letter to the Provisional Government of Southern Ireland

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to sit and deal with them, in others the injured party has been deterred
from giving notice of claim for fear of prejudicing thereby, before
order should be restored, the welfare or safety of himself or of kinsmen
who have remained in Ireland. Prominent among these latter cases
are those of men lately serving in the Royal Irish Constabulary who
have been murdered or otherwise injured in person or property by
criniinals inspired by motives of revenge towards their victims and
ill-will towards the Provisional Government. In this matter also
His Majesty's Government feel that they have alike inalienable respon¬
sibility. They are led to believe, by the indication of policy con¬
tained in the published notice of July 11th as well as by the prompt
and considerate answer made to their representations of May 13th
on behalf of persons who have been compelled to fiee from Ireland, that
the Provisional Government will not have been slow to take such cases
into account and to consider whether it may not be necessary to
devise some special procedure for dealing with them, in order to secure
the end upon which the two Governments reached agreement last
January. They hope that the Provisional Government may, there¬
fore, already be in a position to indicate to them some special and
elective measure for dealing with such cases, so that they may in their
turn be enabled to re-assure those who have appealed to them in respect
of injuries suffered since the Truce but otherwise than in the course of
the recent open fighting.

6. I am to add that His Majesty's Government will be hap%]y to
consult immediately with representatives of the Provisional Govern¬
ment should it appear that such consultation would accelerate a solu¬
tion of these urgent di&culties. They propose to lay the terms of this
letter before Parliament in due course as an indication of their policy
in reply to the many petitioners who have urgently approached them
and to whose losses and sufferings its enquiries relate. They hope to
receive the reply of the Provisional Government in a form which will
enable it to be laid before Parliament.

I am, etc..


Secretary to the Provisional
Government of Ireland Committee of the Cabinet..

The Secretary,

^'■■'■'•Provisional Government dp Ireland.■ ■":