Annual report of the Local Government Board for Ireland, for the year 1916-17

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County Surveyors and Assistant County Surveyors.

Amount of
Borrowing Sanctioned.

Other Public Bodies.

Belfast City and District Water Com¬
missioners .. ... ... £87,400
Ballymena Eural District Council ... 10,000
North Dublin Eural District Council 5,000
Lurgan Board of Guardians ... 2,000


Total amount sanctioned £1,146,795

A number of authorities invested further sums in the War
Loan from the balances to credit of their current accounts, or
from other sums which were available to them, without recourse
to borrowing.

Local Officials on Military Service.

The action of local autliorities, who have been making pay¬
ments during the War to those of their employees who joined
His Majesty's forces, was legalised by the Local Government
(Emergency Provisions) Act, 1916, which received the Eoyal
Assent during the year. We are glad to be able to say that
the local authorities have treated those of their officers who
joined the colours in a generous spirit.

Disposal of Corporate Property.

The operations under this head were not quite so extensive
as in previous years, no doubt owing to the requirements which
are imposed for re-building where reversionary leases are sought

Extension of Time for Payment of Accoimts.—Section 51 (7),
Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898, and Section 4,
Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1902.

Owing to abnormal conditions prevailing throughout the year
the number of applications for extension of the time for the
payment of overdue accounts was somewhat over the usual
average. The occurrence of the insurrection in Dublin and the
absence of accounting officers of different firms on War service
were mainly responsible for this increase.

An undue number of these applications came from spending
committees of the local bodies, but we hope, by stringent
exercise of our powers, to secure that these committees v.ill
in future carry out the statutory requirements more strictly.

County Surveyors and Assistant County Surveyors.

A vacancy for a County Surveyor arose in County Galway,
but had not been filled before the end of the year.

No examination of candidates desiring appointment as
Assistant County Surveyors was held