Annual report of the Local Government Board for Ireland, for the year 1913-14

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Local Government {Ireland} Acis.

(2). Order authorising' the Monagbau County Council to hold

half-yearly instead of quarterly meetings for the
transaction of their work under the Local Govern¬
ment Acts.

(3). Order confirming aji order of the Monaghan County

Council reducing the number of members of the
Monaghan Urban District Council from twenty-one
to twelve.

(4). Order confirmiug an order of the Tipycrary South

Riding County Council dividing the Tipperary Urban
-District into wards.

We referred in our last report to the difficulty which had
occurred in carrying on the administration of the nuinicipal
affairs of the town of Tullow, owing to the absence of a sufficient
number of pei'sons qualified to act as Commissioners. Acting on
the representations made by us, the Carlow County Council
appointed five members to fill up the vacancies, thus restoring
the body of the Commissioners to its full membership. These
members, however, resigned office in December after certain
liabilities of the Commissioners had been discharged, and a dead¬
lock was again created. No nominations for the vacancies were
forthcoming at the elections required to be held in January last,
and, accordingly, there is still no body of persons qualified to act
as Commissioners. In the absence of further steps being taken
by the Carlow County Council, the administration of the affairs
of the town cannot be carried on, and there is no machinery
provided by law bj- which the town of Tullow can be re¬
absorbed for all pur})0ses into the rural district in which it is

Alteration of Local Government /Ireas.

On an application made to us by the Antrim County Council,
we directed a local inquiry to be held regarding the alteration of
the boundaries of Counties Londonderry, and Antrim, so as to
enable the municipal area of Portrush io be extended. The
boundaries of the town are coterminous with the County boun¬
daries, and to secure that the enlarged town is whollv within one
County, an alteration of the Counties becomes necessary before
the desired extension of the urban boundary can be effected.

At the local inquiry the application was op])osed by the Lon¬
donderry County Council and the Coleraine Kural ] district Council
and Board of Guardians, but, after full consideration of the
evidence, we held that the case for the alteration had been clearly
established, and that the preservation of the existing County
boundaries would cause substantial inconvenience. We have
made a Provisional Order accordingly, which is no-w awaiting
confirmation by Parliament during the present session. This is
the first Order we have inade for the alteration of the boundaries
of counties under Article 25 (1) of the Schedule to the Tjocal
Government (Application of Enactments)' Order, 1898.

The proceedings for the constitution of the town of Buncrana,
County Donegal, as an urban district were completed during th