Annual report of the Local Government Board for Ireland, for the year 1914-15

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Looal Government (Ireland) Acts, and no petition against the Order having been received by us within the statutory period, wc made an Order on the 16th March, 1915, confirming the Antrim County Council's Order with the modifications necessary for carrying it into effect. 
These extensions of the boundaries of the Portrush Urban Dis¬ trict necessitated alterations in the Portrush and Bushmills, and in the Portstewart Dispensary Districts, which were carried out by our Orders of the 26th March, 1915. 
The constitution of Portstewart as a town under the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854, and of the town of Bundoran as an Urban District was carried to completion during the period covered by our Report. 
The town of Bundoran, which formed part of the Bundoran District electoral division, having become an Urban District, it was necessary to separate the electoral division into the Bundoran Urban and Bundoran Rural district electoral divisions, the municipal boundary forming the boundary between them. 
This alteration was carried out by our Order of the 8th September, 1914. 
In view of the constitution of Buncrana as an Urban District during the previous year, and the consequent constitution oi the Buncrana Urban District as a separate district electoral division, we made an Order on the 15th April, 1914, assigning two Guardians to that division. 

Meetings of Public Bodies. 
We made Orders during the year, on the request of the public bodies-concerned, in pursuance of Section 14 of the Local Govern¬ ment (Ireland) Act, 1902, altering the hour at which the statutory monthly meetings of the Commissioners may be held, in the Urban Districts of Dungarvan, Listowel, Templemore, and Bundoran. 

Disposal of Corporate Property. 
We received during the year a number of applications for our approval to the disposal of corporate property. 
Most of these cases were in the nature of a renewal of expiring leases of business or other premises, and, in accordance with our practice; we generally required the insertion of clauses in the new leases imposing the expenditure of substantial sums in re-building or repair. 
We also issued Orders consenting to the sale of certain rents or tithe rent-charges by the Corporations of Kilkenny, Clonmel, and Carrickfergus, and giving directions in each case as to the manner in which the capital sum realised by the sales should be invested for the benefit of the ratepayers. 

Amalgamation of Unions. 
Reference was made in our last Report to the proposed amalgamation of the Cootehill Union with those adjoining with a view to the conversion of the Cootehill Workhouse into an auxiliary asylum for the purpose of providing additional asylum accommodation for the Counties of Monaghan and Cavan.