Thirtieth annual report of the Local Government Board for Ireland, for the year ending 31st March 1902

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xxx Labourers Acts. 

Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854. 
Application was made to Us for our approval of the adoption of the Act in Kilkee, and we made the necessary Order on the 24th of July, 1901. 

of Days for Holding Fairs. 
Consent has been given to the proposal made to Us that the fairs held at or near Castlerea (County Roscommon), on the 23rd of May, the 21st of June, the 23rd of August, the 7th of November, and on the third Tuesday in January, February, March, April, July, September, October, and December, should be held, instead, on the third Friday in each month. 

In our last Report we referred to the very general revival throughout Ireland of operations under the Labourers Acts. 
This increased energy on the part of Rural District Councils either in the direction of providing for the erection of additional labourers' dwellings or for enlarged allotments to dwellings already built, continued during the year ended 31st March, 1902. 
Some idea of the work falling on the Department in this respect may be gathered from the fact that Improvement Schemes were received by us from 58 Rural District Councils proposing to provide 2,666 new cottages, to acquire and repair 34 existing nouses, to provide 1,397 additional half-acre plots for cottages already erected, and to acquire tracts of land amounting in the aggregate to 24 acres to be parcelled out in allotments to be let to labourers living in neighbouring villages and towns. 
During the year, 59 Local Inquiries were held by our Inspec¬ tors, and 74 Provisional Orders were made authorising 2,584 cottages and plots, 1,296 additional half-acres for cottages already provided, and 12 acres of land for allotments. 
Orders became absolute or were confirmed within the same period in respect of 2,392 cottages and plots, 1,041 additional half-acres for cottages already provided, and 12 acres of land for allot¬ ments. 
Tables are given in the Appendix* showing what has been done by sanitary authorities under Improvement Schemes authorised, and what is proposed to be done under further im¬ provement Schemes. 
Table A shows that 15,090 houses have been provided, of which 14,996 are actually let, and that 1,608 others were in progress or contracted for on the 31st March, 1902. 
The aggregate monthly rent of the cottages built in each Rural District, and the amount of such rent in arrear are also shown. 

* See pages 207 to 219.