Local Government Board for Ireland: twenty-eighth annual report

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Isvi Labourers Acts. 
last Report, make the total amount of the loans sanctioned in con¬ nection with houses for the working-classes residing in towns £375,164 lis. 

Towns' Improvement (I.) 
Act, 1854. 
Application was made by certain of the Local Government electors of Newcastle, County Limerick, to have the provisions of the Act carried into effect in that town, and after the legal preliminaries had been gone through, the Act was adopted, and the adoption has since received our approval. 

Labourers Acts. 
The following table shows the Rural Districts from which petitions for confirmation of improvement schemes were received by us since the 31st of March, 1899, and the number of cottages and additional allotments to existing cottages applied for in each case. 
The amounts of the loans sanctioned by the Treasury for the purposes of the Acts during the period mentioned are like¬ wise given.