Educational Endowments (Ireland) Commission: annual report, 1891-92, minutes of evidence and appendices

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In conclusion, I submit deferentially, ,that the Commissioners have in their hands a chance not likely to be offered again. 
Their duty is plain and unquestioned—to consider the interests of education, and to raise its standard in Ireland. 
The Commis¬ sioners seem of opinion that this can best be done by establishing further grammar schools; my argument is that it may equally well, if not better, be done by improving the present establishments. 
Excellence chaUenges imitation; to raise the few schools at 

present under the Erasmus Smith Endowments fifty or a hundred above their present condition would I think, prove a stimulus to other schools and other endowments, greater than any it is possible to conceive and an advancement of the best educational interests of Ireland which may mark an epoch in its eventful history. 

(Signed), John Thompson, M.A., 
(Senior Classical Master, High School, Dublin). 
I (g.) 
Letters Patent op Charles II.—A.D. 

(See Supra, p. 
Charles the second by the grace of God of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland king defendor of the ffaith