Educational Endowments (Ireland) Commission: annual report, 1891-92, minutes of evidence and appendices

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"^ ^e Endowments already dealt with include School premises valued at £11,050 7s. 

a year, and an annual income from houses and lands of £26.659 
and from trust funds of £22,417 05. 
The yearly income from fees, subscriptions, and other sources, of the Institutions to which these Endowments are attached, is estimated at £65,800 15s. 
The total amount of the property to be administered in each year, under the Schemes already published, is therefore £125,927 17s. 

Tables annexed to this Report. 
We beg to refer to the Tables annexed to this Report for information as to the details of our work, under the following headings :— infra, p. 
Table I. 
Draft Schemes already published, with the stages through which each 

Scheme has passed. 
in/ra, p. 
Table II. 
Endowments and Income of the Institutions for which Draft Schemes-

have been published. 
infra, p. 
Table III. 
Objections and Amendments received and considered by the Commission 

during the past year. 
jnfi-n, p. 
xxi Table IY. 
Endowments with respect to which inquiries have been held, and the 

preparation of Schemes is under consideration. 
infra, p. 
Table V. 
Endowments declared exempt from the compulsory jurisdiction of the 

infra, p xxiii. 
Table YI. 
Exempt Endowments with respect to which applications for Consent 

Schemes have been received. 
infra, p. 
Table VII. 
Public Sittings of the Commission held during the past year. 

Endowments founded hy Erasmus Smith. 
infra, pp, 136, A Draft Scheme was prepared during the past year for the Endowments founded 

by Erasmus Smith, on the basis referred to in our last Report, and agreed to by a Rcp01tt majority of the Commission at a meeting held on February 6, 1891. 
It was published 1890-w, on. 
May 14, 1892; and numerous objections, which will be found infra, p. 
175, were p' " received from various individuals and public bodies interested in the Endowments. 

The Commissioners held a Public Sitting on October 19, 1892, and the three following Do P. 
days, for the hearing of these objections. 
The parties interested were fully heard 

either in person or by counsel; and the Scheme is now under the consideration of the Judicial Commissioners. 

Since the date of our last Report, a conference was held between representatives of the Commissioners and of the Local Government Board, with a view to arrange the conditions under which the audit of accounts prescribed by our Act of Parliament, and required under our Schemes, should be carried out. 
Rules for the audit have now been published by the Local Government Board, and a copy of them is appended to m/n^p. 
our Report. 
We believe that these rules will be found in every respect satisfactory, 

and that the several governing bodies which have been constituted under our Schemes will have their accounts audited with great efficiency and economy. 

Expiration of the powers of the Commission. 
The powers of the Commission under the Act of Parliament, will expire on March 31,1893. 
It is, therefore, necessary that all persons who may desire to obtain Schemes through the Commission should make application for the same as soon as possible. 
Though the powers of the Commission may be extended by the Lord Lieutenant, under section 38 of the Act, such extension can only be made with reference to endow¬ ments specifically mentioned by the Lord Lieutenant, and in respect to which special cause is shown for the extension. 

We have been in communication with the Chief Secretary during the year, and, at his invitation, have submitted, by letter dated October 18,1892, our suggestions for the establishment of a satisfactory system of inspection under our Schemes. 
We believe that the matter is still under Your Excellency's consideration,