Royal University of Ireland: eighth report

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the Royal University of Ireland. 
ll And now, my Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen, having presented you with a simple and practical view of the work we have accomplished, and of the general progress the University is making, I feel that I have no right to trespass further upon your attention. 
It might, perhaps, be expected that I should say something on the general question of education; but I am conscious that I am not myself sufficiently well educated to be able to say anything on that well-worn theme which could possibly be of any benefit to my hearers. 
I will, therefore, simply content myself with assuring the younger portion of my audience—those who are standing on the threshold of life, conscious of their own powers, full of hope and expectation as to what the future may bring—that never at any period of their existence will they meet with more genuine sympathy or with more friendly auspications for their success and happiness than those which now attend them. 
This University is the powerful instrument which is destined in future to focus the intellectual talents and the literary genius of our country. 
It is the gateway which leads to honour and to fame, and to those who enter through it is entrusted not only the shaping of their own destinies, but the moral and material advancement of their native country, and, what ought even to be dearer to them than these, its reputation and good name amongst the nations of the world. 
In conclusion, I desire to state that, in grateful recognition of my connection with the Boyal University of Ireland, I propose to place at the disposal of the Senate an annual prize in the shape of a Gold Medal, to be competed for under such conditions as the Authorities of the University in their wisdom shall determine. 
Creed Meredith, one of the Secretaries of the University, then read the list of successful Candidates for Degrees, &c. 
As the names of the Candidates were called they were presented by Dr. 
Dunne, the other Secretary, to the Chancellor, and were admitted by him to their respec¬ tive degrees. 

Doctor op Laws. 
Hanrahan, John. 
Kane, John. 
Kerr, James Patrick. 
Lones, Thomas East, m.a. 
O'Brien, Charles Andrew. 

O'Meara, David John. 
Orr, John. 
Ryan, James. 
Walkington, Letitia Alice, M A. 
Williams, Edward Patrick. 

Bachelor op Laws. 
Quirke, Thomas George. 
Stuart, Alan L. 
Buckley, Thomas. 
Clements, Andrew. 
Condon, James Edmd. 
Crawford, George Webster. 
Crymble, Samuel Gordon. 
Dromgoole, Charles, M.A. 
Eccles, Wm. 
Ruddell Priest. 
FitzHenry, Wm. 
Albert, M.A. 
Gray, Frances Helena. 

Gregg, Frederick James. 
Hall, William, m.a. 
M'Auley, Joseph. 
M'Lorinan, Charles Louis. 
Shortt, Charles. 
Wheeler, George Herbert, m.a. 
Winder, Arthur Wellesley. 
Wood, William Edgar. 
Woodside, John Hill Wright, Alex.