Educational Endowments (Ireland) Commissioners: annual report, 1887-88, minutes of evidence and appendix

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xssvii October 24, 1887. 
Meeting of the Commission held this day at the Courthouse, Lismore. 
Justice FitzGibbon, Lord Justice Naish, Rev. 
Molloy, Dr. 

Professor Dougherty. 
Hughes, Shorthand Writer, was in attendance. 

Lismore Endowed School. 
The following witnesses were sworn and examined :— 

Power, Esq., 
Agent to the Duke of Devonshire. 
Wright, Esq., 
Yery Rev. 
Henry Brougham, d.d., 
Dean of Lismore, Rev. 
John M'Keown, Presbyterian Minister of Lismore. 
The Commissioners adjourned, and inspected Lismore College, Christian Brothers' School, and the Lismore Parochial Schools. 

John Naish, October 25, 1887. 
Murphy, Junr., 

Chief Clerk and Assistant Secretary. 

October 25,1887. 
Meeting of the Commissioners held this day at Hearn's Hotel, Clonmel. 
Present:—Lord Justice FitzGibbon, Lord Justice Naish, Rev. 
Molloy, Dr. 

Professor Dougherty. 
Minutes of the four preceding meetings read and confirmed. 
Letter read from the Head Masters, Royal Belfast Academical Institution, with regard to the Scheme about to be framed for that Endowment. 

To be informed that tho typographical amendment suggested by them in section 4, para¬ graph 2, will be made. 
Letters were also read from the Rev. 
Heron and the Board of Managers and Visitors, with regard to same Scheme. 

Heron to be informed that the Commissioners do not think it desirable at this late period to introduce any change into the Draft Scheme, especially as admission to Class II. 
can be obtained for five guineas under the Scheme as it now stands. 
Letter read from J. 
Mackesy, Head Master of the Waterford Diocesan School. 

To be informed that his evidence will be taken at 3 o'clock on Thursday, October 27. 
Letter read from Rev. 
Ferris, P.P., 
Castlelyons, with regard to Ahern and Britway School. 

To be informed that the inquiries which he suggested have been made, and that the Com¬ missioners have ascertained that this Endowment consisted only of a site and building for the education of pupils to be selected by the minister and churchwardens of the parish. 
Letter read from Messrs. 
Maxwell, Weldon, and Co., 
Solicitors, with regard to Kilkenny College. 

To be informed that the Commissioners have no further information as to the original grant referred to, beyond what appears in the Report of 1854 and 1880, but that at the Public Inquiry the Commissioners will endeavour to ascertain the terms, and if possible to obtain a copy thereof. 
Letter read from Rev. 
Humphreys, c.c, 
with regard to the Erasmus Smith's Endowments. 

To be informed that the Commissioners have already held a Public Inquiry in Dublin with regard to this Endowment, at which the Catholic body were represented by counsel, and that they will be glad to receive any observations which he may desire to submit in writing, which will be carefully considered before the preparation of a Draft Scheme for the Endowment referred to. 
The Commissioners adjourned. 

Gerald FitzGibbon, 

October 26,1887, N. 
Murphy, Junr., 

Chief Clerk and Assistant Secretary.