Poor Relief (Ireland) Inquiry Commission: report, evidence and appendices

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Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor op Irkland.

May it please Your Excellenot,

Your Excellency having been pleased to issue a Warrant bearing date the 3rd
November, 1886, authorising and directing us to inquire into and investigate and report
fully on the following subjects :—

I. The expenditure and number of persons relieved under the Poor Relief Scope of
(Ireland) Act, 1886, in each of the Unions scheduled under the Act, the manner

of administering such relief, and the necessity for the expenditure incurred. quiry.

II. The liabilities of each Union on the 29th of September, 1886, distinguish¬
ing the amount due for ordinary expenditure from debts in respect of exceptional
out-door relief

III. The rate required in each Electoral Division of each Union to meet the
total liabilities referred to, and the expenditure during the year ending the 29th
of September next.

IV. To what extent can rates be levied in each Electoral Division to meet the
total sum referred to in Clause III.

V. The amount of rates collected during the year ended the 29th of September,

1886 ; the class of ratepayers owing arrears; the cause of non-collection where large
arrears are outstanding; the efforts made to recover such arrears; and the
further measures which could be taken successfully for that purpose.

VI. Whether with respect to the Poor Law and other Acts administered by
the Guardians, the workhouse test is properly applied ; economy duly regarded ;
and whether the ratepayers can meet the ordinary yearly expenditure without
undue taxation.

VII. If the resources of any Union be insufficient for the proper administration
of the Acts referred to, whether the rates could be lessened by alteration of
Union boundaries or other change, without injury to the sick and destitute poor.

We have the honour to report that, in obedience to Your Excellency's command we Proceedings
have inquired into the several matters referred to us for our consideration. of Commis-

We have held inquiries in Belmullet, Westport, Clifden, Swineford, Oughterard,

Galway, and Ballina.

We have summoned before us the officials connected with the administration of the
Poor Relief Act, and such other persons as we deemed to be in a position to afford us
evidence bearing on the subject of our investigations.

We have also visited the different localities where we anticipated from the evidence
submitted to us that local inquiry would further us in coming to a conclusion upon any
of the several matters submitted to us for report.

The Poor Relief (Ireland) Act received the Royal Assent on the 10th of May, 1886. Summary of
The Act was divided into two parts. Part I provided for the extension of out-door p:ovi^n8(^
relief, temporarily, to poor persons by the Board of Guardians. Part II related to the
constitution and duties of the Piers and Roads Commission. Act, 1886