Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: sixteenth report

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223 1592-3. 

Crobar gar, except also any now in prison or on bail to appear. 
Provided that within one year they appear at a general session in the county, and seek the benefit of the pardon, paying only 6 c?. 
English for their appearance, that it may be known to whom the pardon shall extend. 
Treasons against the queen's personf coining, offences committed outside the county, intrusions on crown lands, and debts to the crown excepted.—6 
March, xxxv. 
5794 (4719.) 
Pardon to Wm. 
Morghooe, of Clowanstown, labourer, 

for slaying in self defence Patr. 
Morane, of same. 
Security in co. 
Meath, as in 4943.—6 
March, xxxv. 
5795 (4691.) 
Grant to Tho. 
Chambers, gent.; 
of the office of keeper English, of the house of Kilmaynan, as in 1156, surrendered by Paul 

Greene (5790). 
To hold during pleasure, and not to be removed without special order of the queen.—7 
March, xxxv. 
• 5796 (4714.) 
Pardon to Teige M'Guieles, of Killowrin, Teige 

0 Clowan, Moriertagh O Clowan, Cormock O Clowan, of same, Donogh O Clowan, of Canboe, Shane oge 0 Hare,of Balliarareogh, Brien oge O Higen, of Garrignan, Teige M'Manus, of Carow-nycrive, Wm. 
duffe M'Manns, of same, Donell 0 Hare, of the Clonyn,-Mulrony M'Encahe, of Cowlany, Earriell M'Encahe, Cormock m'Keane m'Erriell 0 Hara, Shan M'Encahe, Bory M'Loghlen, Wm. 
cluffe m'Teige reoghe, Teige m'Cormock 0 Hara, and Katherine ny Reily, of same, Farriell leigh rn'Connoghor M'Cahill, of Dromnegrangy, Rory m'Shane ne Backy, of Anthconrey, Brien 0 Fynellan, of Carowencasshell, Owen 0 Beolan, of same, Manus 0 Chary, of Cowlaine, Shane m'Hugh M'Brien, Rory leigh 0 Doyn, and Wm. 
M'Encahe, of same, Owen M'Donoghe, of Cowlwony, Teige 0 Sreighan, of Boynin, Malaghlen m'Gillepatrick 0 Con van, of Cowleany, Dermot m'Donell 0 Mulkyle, Moriertagh glasse m'Brien M'Encahe, of same, Dermot 0 Comon, of Athconry, and Rory 0 Brienan, of Kilvarnad; cos. 
Sligo and Leitrim. 
Provided that they appear ancl give security before commissioners in their county, as in 4943. 
The pardon not to extend to any in prison or under bail to appear; nor include intrusion into crown lands or debts to the crown, nor any riot or offence of which any of them are charged in the Castle Chamber. 
In consideration of their poverty they shall not pay more than 12c?. 
English each on appearance, nor more than 2s. 
6 c?. 
for pleading the pardon. 
Fine 5s. 
Crimes committed outside the counties of Sligo and Leitrim also excepted.—7 
March, xxxv. 
5797 (4715.) 
Pardon to Wm keigh Bourke, of Ballenekerra, Rich. 

Bourke m'Wm., 
and Walter Bourk m'Wm., 
of same, gentlemen, Sawe Bourk, of same, Shane O Maly, of same, yeoman, Jhonen Branagh, Moyler Branagh, David Branagh, Wm. 
duffe Branagh, Walter Branagh m'Ullick, Rich. 
Branagh m'Ullyck, Tho. 
reagh Branagh, and Tho. 
0 Ryle, of same, Shane crone m'Walter M'Gerrott, of Killenarraght, Tho. 
buy m'Shane crone, Wm. 
Owny m'Shane crone, ancl Walter oge m'Walter M'Gerrott, of same, husbandmen, Ever roe M'Oonnell, of Sinottanagh, galloglas, Hugh m'Teige 0 Birne, of same, Wm. 
keugh 0 Karne, of Lowny, husbandmen, Wm. 
Bourke m'Moyler, of Lissetane, and Tho. 
kettagh Bourk m'Wm., 
of same, gentlemen, Hugh m'James M'Vehey, of the Leyns, chirurgeon, Bich. 
oge 0 Byrne, of Knockelegan husb, Onora ni Byrne, of same, Walter