Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: sixteenth report

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land, and one little island in the sea there in co. 
Sligo; the chapel or cell called [Ballindowne], bar. 
Tirreragh, co. 
Sligo, and £ a quarter of land with the tithes there; the chapel or cell called Clonemeaghan, bar. 
Corron, co. 
Sligo, and a quarter of land called Bonyroge with the tithes ; all which religious possessions were long time concealed. 
To hold for 21 years. 
Rent, £7 18s. 
Provisions as in 4939. 
(Partly defaced, see Auditor General's Patent Book, 18. 
March, xxx. 


" There was none of the parcells within mentioned formerly in charge." 
5152 (6611.) 
Lease to Thomas Cheyny, gent; of the castle of Clon-Engiish. 
dowan, two quarters of land called Clondowan and Carrowe 

m'Shaen duffe, the site of the castle of Monyceppan and two quarters of land, the castle of Kilkedy and lands of Carrewe en Poole roe, and Carrowe Gilleife de Killeyn, the lands of Kil-chrochan, Dromodymona, Carrowe Dowesse, Kewlverin, Clonsil-henrye, and the island of Manahowe, co. 
Clare, the rectory of Killowlanchye, ancl a third of the tithes of Morye and Carrowa in Goule, and all other tithes belonging to the rectory, in co. 
Clare, of the possessions of Matthew or Mahown O Breyn m'en Aspugge, slain in rebellion. 
To hold for 21 years. 
Rent, £5, and paying the composition due, amounting to £5 English, belonging to the barony of Inchequin. 
Provisions as in 4939. 
—12 March, xxx. 
5153 (6590.) 
License to Richard Meredith,clerk, dean of S. 
Patrick's, English, to be absent in England for 4 months.—16 
March, xxx. 
5154 (4209.) 
Grant to Wm. 
James, gent.; 
of the offices of controller 

of the great and small customs, and of searcher ancl gauger, of Dublin and Drogheda. 
To hold during good behaviour, with such fees as Tho. 
Plunkett or any other had. 
Not to be removed, as in 4976.—18 
March, xxx. 
5155 (6706.) 
Pardon to Edw. 
Brymingham, of Milton, co. 

Jordan m'Thomas duff, of Tomore, Calloagh m'Thomas duff M'Jordan, Edm. 
Hugh 0 Malchly, Wm." 
M'Morrishe, Conor og 0 Hirly, Moyler M'Ooisht, Edmund m'Moyler og M'Morrishe, Bedmund boy Prindergast, Bob. 
0 Maly, of Oscolan, Bobenet Purcell, of Curhilles, Wm. 
oge Brymingham, Patrick Ronowe, Edm. 
Gromly, of Couraghston, Peter Baron, Philip Thobbin fitz Water, Theobald Bourke fitz Rich., 
of Ballimadaghe, Cahir m'Epriour 0 Bely and Tho. 
fitz Nich. 
The pardon not to include murder, intrusion on crown lands, or debts to the crown, and (except Edward Brymingham) the other provisions in 5110.—18 
March, xxx. 
5156 (4203.) 
Grant to John Kearnan, gent. 
; of the office of Kngiisn. 
seneschal of the territory of Upper Talconchoe alias M'Kear-

nans country in co. 
To hold during good behaviour, with all accustomed profits. 
With power to raise the inhabitants, and command them for defence of the territory, the public weal of the inhabitants, and the punishment of malefactors ; to prosecute, banish, and punish by all means malefactors, rebels, vagabonds, rymors, Irish harpers, bards, bentules, carrowes, idle men and women, and those who assist such; and twice a ; 

, year within a month after Easter ancl Michaelmas respectively to 

hold a court and law day. 
He shall not take any unlawful Irish exactions from the inhabitants, as to cess them with kern,