Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: sixteenth report

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Appendix II. 
Fiants of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth—(continued). 
4938 (4079.) 
Pardon to Rich. 
m'Briau M'Skee, of [ 1 

Condon m'Shoedon, of Coekebegg, gent., 
Maurice Poore, of Ballyconoghau, and Shane Poore, of Ballyronoghan, horsemen Con 0 Calnon [ ], of Ynchiquyne^ horseboy, Shane m'Dermont Ewghauell, of Ynchiquyne, cowherd Dermon m'Knowgher Emolen, of Shanegarie. 
Provided that they shall appear and submit themselves at sessions, and give security to keep the peace and answer at sessions. 
The pardon shall not extend to any in prison, or uuder bail to appear; nor include intrusion into crown lands, or debts to the crown • nor persons who have received any pardon, or committed any offence worthy of death in the time of the government of the then deputy (Perrot.)—28 
[ ] (Of record with fiants of the twenty-eighth year.) 
4937 14097.) 
Pardon to Peirs Butlor fitz Walter, of Pallice, gent., 

Derbie O Dowyr, of Clowin Ihorpa, and Cahir iitz John glasso 0 Mulrian, of Gortkally, gentlemen, Edm. 
Butler fitz Walter, of SeanabaliduiT, husbandman, John carragh Brenagh, of Swineoyn, Wm. 
fitz Serwyne Bourke, of Bwolenahensy, Walter Stackepolo, of Ardmailly, horseman, Donoll 0 Kenedie, of Brittes, Teig moeil 0 Hesedy, of Oastlemoell, husb., 
Peirs fitz John Butler, of Finnor, Gilleduf 0 Mulrian, of Seanabothe, and Philip 0 Kenedie, of Balyanlogha, co. 
Provisions as in 4936. 
The first three persons excepted in the last proviso.—[ 
] (Of record withjiunts of the twenty-eighth year.) 
4938 (4166.) 
Pardon to Gerald m'Mortogh oge Cavanaghe, of Gar-

chill, gent., 
Johanna eni Mortogh, his wife, Sawe eni Mortogh, her sister, David m'Gerrot M'Shane, of Bahingeroge, kern, Thady M'Gilpatrick, of Mishell, Edm. 
M'Sheron, of Olerd, hus¬ bandmen, Thady M'Donoghe, of same, leech, Carowle M'William, of Srowle, husb.,Patr. 
M'Mortogh, of Donbryne, horseboy, Bran M'Cahill, of Srowle, and Donogh M'Mortogh, of same, husband¬ men ; co. 
Provisions as in 4936. 
Provided also that this pardon shall extend only to those who are willing to submit and fulfil such articles as the lord deputy shall ordain concerning the lands which any of them had, in use or possession, at the time when any of their treasons or felonies were committed, whether the lands have been found by inquisition or not. 
(Sawe eni Mortoghe excepted in proviso excluding those in prison or on bail.)—18 
4939 (6079.) 
Lease (under queen's letter, 18 April, xxvi.) 
to sir English. 
Thomas Lestrange, knt.; 
of three islands in co. 
Galway, called 

Arranmoore, Innyshmanye, and Innysharrye, possessions of the religions houses of Fynboure, Anaghcoyne, Kylseany, and Cor-cumroe, (recites No. 
To hold for 50 years in reversion. 
Rent £6 (part in corn). 
Maintaining 20 English footmen. 
Provided that he shall not alien, without license under the great