Bill to amend Law relating to Election of Poor Law Guardians in Ireland

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2 JPoor Law Guardians (Ireland). 
[48 Vict.] 

context of this Act repugnant thereto, have the same meaning as in 

— the last-mentioned Act or Acts, and the said Acts and this Ac! 

shall he construed together as one Act. 

Guardians to hold office for three yeai«? 

Voting ar poor law elections to be by ballot. 

Local Government Board to frame rules for the con¬ duct of poor law elections. 

Provisions of Ballot Act to be adopted in election order. 

Certain sec¬ tions of the Ballot Act 

PART 1. 
Pooit Law Elections. 
5 4. 
Every poor law guardian elected after the commencement of this Act, unless in the case where he is elected to fill a casual vacancy resulting from death, resignation, disqualification, or other¬ wise, shall hold office for a term of three years to he computed from the twenty-fifth day of March in the year of his election. 
io When any person is elected to fill a casual vacancy in the office of guardian, he shall continue in office only so long as the person in whose place he is elected would have continued in office if such vacancy had not occurred. 
Prom and after the commencement of this Act the votes at 15 every contested poor law election shall he given by ballot, in manner provided in the case of parliamentary and municipal elections by the second section of the Ballot Act, 1872. 
On or before the thirty-first day of December one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four the Local Government Board shall by 20 order under their seal prescribe the manner in which poor law elections shall, after the commencement of this Act, he conducted, having regard to the provisions of this Act, and may from time to time thereafter by further order amend or vary such order, or any existing order, or may rescind such order or any existing order 25 and issue a new order: Provided, however, that the enactments applying to other orders and general rules of the Local Government Board shall also apply to orders made under this section. 
Every such order shall direct the manner in which the expenses of elections shall be defrayed. 
30 7. 
In drawing up any such order as aforesaid, the Local Govern¬ ment Board shall have regard to the provisions of the Ballot Act, 1872, and the schedules thereunto annexed, and, so far as such provisions are applicable and convenient, shall adopt same, and apply them, with the necessary modifications, to poor law elections 35 under this Act, hut no such order shall be impeachable for any alleged non-compliance with the provisions of this section. 
The Local Government Board may embody in any such order the second, third, fourth, sixth, ninth, twelfth, thirteenth, and